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Brand New Bib and used Redi-Stretcher for Sale


I was going to split our camera posts into a new thread, but they are mixed in too deeply to move and still have this thread make sense. I’ve started a new thread in NCE: Digital Cameras

Loco, your dick touched that redi-stretcher? Eewwww!

Horny Bastard

Originally Posted by mravg
Loco, your dick touched that redi-stretcher? Eewwww!

Jajaja fuckin’ ey.. Waz up Mravg? How it going, man?

LOCOLOCO just shipped the Redi-stretcher to me today. A good businessman and has a good price. He even provided a tracking number. I’d advize someone to get the BIB before someone else cops it at that price.HOLLA BACK!

Redi-Stretcher was sold and shipped today KingD.

BibStarter looks like it’s going off to the creative and prolific PE cartoonist gerrykjohnsons.



Why are you selling your stuff?

Did you reach your goals or something?


I explained it in my first post at the top.


Ok, I see.

I just saw the last several posts & asked. I didn’t start from the OP.

Shit, i needed that bib :(

Yo MYSELF!! I know some ways that you can earn some money for free off the net. PM me if you want to know how, it’s free too. That’s how I paid for my Redi-stretcher from LOCO!! HOLLA BACK!

Both hangers have been sold.

Redi-Stretcher to KingD757 and the BiB to GerryJohnsons. Guys I think you should get the hangers by next week I sent them priority mail. I got great quick payment from both of them, they are definitely trustworthy people. I made sure I followed suit and sent you your hangers the same day I received payments.


I got mine yesterday LOCO!! Thankx for the fast service. Can’t wait to try it out Monday. LOCO is the man!

Good God that fast! Man I’m even impressed! Lol


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