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Brand New Bib and used Redi-Stretcher for Sale


Brand New Bib and used Redi-Stretcher for Sale

Hello gentlemen:
I have two great quality PE hangers for sale.

One is a brand new Bib Starter and the other is a Redi-Stretcher (size Small) that I have used 6 times exactly.
I’ve have been a member of this forum for a while now but haven’t gained much because I simply have not had the time and especially privacy to do the exercises. I purchased the BiB hanger like 6months ago just before I was going to Chicago to work with the Chicago Fire Dept. My uncle is a Commander in the CFD and he wanted me to go over there and check it out. To see if I like the work and consider joining up. Well I loved the work but I had absolutely no privacy or spare time. On top of that there was a lot of work to be done with the Chicago Fire Dept Paramedics so I came home very tired. So I didn’t even get to touch it.

Then I moved back to Puerto Rico so I could finish my degree then I will go back to Chi-town and do the Fireman thing. I loved the job, I loved the people, and I loved the city—intense winters and all. It really was awesome hanging out with those men. I highly recommend the job to anybody even though it is very hard.

Now that I’m back in Puerto Rico, I’m living with my parents (really sucks-I want to be my own man already). In this situation I had slightly more time available to myself so I went back to PE. But then my younger brother also moved back in so back to no time or privacy for me! I don’t like it, but I will sacrifice until I finish my studies and can go to Chicago. So now my routine is mostly a little jelqing and some ADS with the MaxVacc-which I bought also, but before my younger brother moved in and took away the little bit of privacy that was at my disposal. On top of that the vacuum can get intense on my glans so I’ve been using it as a ADS mostly. I won’t put that one up for sale because as a ADS the vacuum on the vacuum hangers is not intense.

Okay so enough ranting about my situation already! Here’s you’re chance to get 2 great PE tools at a great discount! I keep them this long hoping for my privacy issue to change but it won’t for a long time so you might as well take advantage of them.

The Redi-stretcher I bought it alittle bit before the BiB Starter. At that time I was in college living in a very small apartment with my brother. So I got to use it alittle bit but privacy was a mayor issue. The Redi-Stretcher is the SMALL size with the SOFT PADS. TPS (the creator) said that you can use it with out wrap but I never did that for fear of damaging the goods. So instead I used Andro-NYC’s mouse pad padding technique. Along with the Hair Tie wrap. It worked really nice.
The info for this hanger is here: Redi-Stretcher PE Tool and the Mouse Pad Wrap is in Post 184 Page 7

LookingForSize made great gains with this hanger and you can read that here: WOW!! Hanging is the shit!!
Also their homepages:
Both are perfectly new condition of course. With these hangers you can hang any weight you want confortably with the appropriate wrapping without any vacuum water-blisters or lymph fluid donuts to get used to.

I think I will let the BiB Starter go for $75 and the Redi-Stretcher $65. I also have the silver Thera-Wrap material that came with the BiB Starter which I also never used. If you want it tell me and I’ll throw it in there with the hanger. I also have the ACE Bandage material which was left unused when I cut some for wrap for the Redi-Stretcher. I will also send you that if you want, so you don’t have to run down to Walgreens and start hanging that same day.

I won’t include the Mouse pad modification with the Redi-Stretcher though because it’s better if you made that yourself. Plus that’s the only part that my dick actually touched and I would feel weird sending that to you and I think you would too.

So guys that is the situation. Feel free to ask me any questions.
I have dealt with TPS, and BiB and Monty. They all have my information and addresses and payment info, in case I you think I may turn into some punk and not send you your hanger.

Take care gentlemen.

This is like a PE foreclosure sale, I went crazy buying hangers and clamps and ads weights and now I can’t afford them, time-wise. So here is your chance to get started with hangers that have no limit on how much weight they can hold. So you won’t be stuck with the vacuum hangers at 15lbs and not be able to get the last inch. The Bib can handle any weight period. Bib actually hung 45lbs with it once if you guys remember!. Good God!

Here are the pictures:

Attached Images
BibStarter right side.JPG
(49.9 KB, 127 views)
BibStarter-Left side.JPG
(48.3 KB, 65 views)
BibStarter-model shot.JPG
(53.5 KB, 69 views)

I have more pictures of the Redi-Stretcher, the gray TheraWrap and the ACE wrap, but the forum rules only allow me to upload 10 pictures in a 24hr period. So I guess I have to post them tomorrow, if you guys want to see them.

Good pictures. I’ll try to remember them next time someone asks about a Bib. What camera did you use? I’m semi-shopping for one.

Lol Yea man I spent like an hour and a half getting those pictures. I kind of got hell bent on making them come out “perfect”:rolleyes: .

I used the Casio Exilim EX-S500 5.0Mega Pixels.

It really good camera. Very small and portable, easy to navigate menu’s and the pictures come out good too. So I would recommend it. But I’m not exactly a camera or electronics expert neither.

I just noticed that on the Redi-Stretcher pictures the flash really exaggerated the dust on the hanger that has collected on the little spaces.

Both hangers are 100 percent - perfect.


I’m really interested , how much ?

>Lol Yea man I spent like an hour and a half getting those pictures.

Well, as someone who knows absolutely nothing about photography, I think you did an excellent job. Focus is out of whack in a few places, but the tape measure and pen inclusions made for good compositions. The size of the items is obvious.

Hey waz up guys, sorry for the delay:

I think I will let the BiB Starter go for $75 and the Redi-Stretcher for $65, but I’m willing to negotiate (what the hell). I will give you a deal on both if you want them both of course.

Yea I did include the tape measure and pens for size comparisons. And tried my best to get all the important aspects of the BiB. I photographed the Bib so much because it is the more complex one and it has all these parts that are important for people to know that they are perfect. Like the hinges, the plastic shell, and most importantly the thread/bolt lock. That part of the Bib people break when they use it alot and also it gets scratched when used. I wanted to show that that important part of it is all good.

Plus yea I couldn’t get the pics in absolute perfect focus for all that I tried! Jaja That is the bad thing of these little digital cameras is that they try to think for you in the focus area. I took the pics with the focus set on Macro and the sharpness at Maximum. That got me the best possible focus for something that is very white and shiny mixed with a opaque silicone gel padding. Hard to get a good pic.

I didn’t get the best pictures until I started using the natural light from the day light. At about 11AM time the pics were looking good.

Thanks for the “props”.

Do you do photography? Is there any wisdom you could pass on (the focus was driving me crazy)?

>Do you do photography? Is there any wisdom you could pass on (the focus was driving me crazy)?

No. Maybe I should have been clearer. I don’t have a digital camera, and if I get a couple decent pics out of a roll of 35mm I’m doing pretty good. I’m about as far from a photographer as one can be.

A good place to start researching digital cameras (pro reviews, feature search side-by-side compare, forums, links et.c.)

In the Casio Exilim EX-S500 category (ultra compact (aka EDC “every day carry”), 3x optical zoom), there are too many me too products than most would like too seriously research. Noteworthy IMO: Panasonic FX01 for true wide angle and Leica badged glass; Fujifilm F30 for best low light performance in the class (good party shots without a flash washing out the atmosphere).

Hey locoloco!! Check your PM’s!! Seeing that you have had experience with the Redi-stretcher, what excercises were you doing with it and what were your experience with it? For the time you did use it, did you notice it to be more effective than manual stretching? Maybe some of you guys that have the redi-stretcher can give me some info too.

King: I sent you a reply and for techniques check out the links that I put on the thread It’s all you need pretty much!

Real McDeal:
Cool link man thanks! I was looking for a good low light camera parties is what we mostly use it for.


For a straightforward shirt pocket sized party & bar snapper, the F30 (successor of F10/F11) is to date an easy pick. It earns you speed (f-stops) with nice quality pics at high ISO settings, straight out of in-camera processing, where other cameras may - like the Pana’s for instance - use optical image stabiliser; which are as good as any free lunch BTW, but can and will never replace a fast shutter speed when action calls for it.


edit: The one gripe one may have with the F30 is that it should have a wider angle, which is usually more functional indoors. That said, the only 28mm (35mm film equivalent) shirt pocket digital camera is the Pana I mentioned, and it is not a good low light performer (ironically, it is this cameras most noticed flaw).

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