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'bout that injury, Dance

'bout that injury, Dance

Just curious…were you standing when that occured? As I recall, you were doing an exuli or something to that effect. Can’t remember the specifics or if they were mentioned on EZ board. groa

Probably the best thing to do here is take my original post and edit it. I was thorough in explaining it and it is more accurate than my memory.

I can not totally be sure what caused my injury, but I believe it can be attributed partly to doing the uli thing improperly and what I also say below.

What I did was become over zealous about the uli thing and got absolutely rock hard and put it all the way down the base and got harder and tightened very tight and then hung the weight. IOW the problem was that I did not wait until flaccid between the hanger and the body. To answer your question directly, I never experienced a sharp pain or remember anything like it.

Anyway, it must have weakened the penis because here is what happened. I never experienced an occasion where I hurt myself noticeably. I even took a day off before going out dancing and was not in pain. I went out dancing and was grinding on many women very hard. Totally erect, loose pants and penis pointing down. Then the girls were bouncing on it dancing. Now let me say that I do this all the time, (thus the reason for my name) but somehow this time when I came home I was sore (on the left side on top at the base). So perhaps what was different is that my penis was probably weakened because of the incorrect uli thing, and then with it being hard and bend down and then the bouncing action totally messed me up.

When I tried to hang the next day I was unable to. I had to stop from pain after 10 minutes in the area. I took a few days off and did very light uli thing exercises and worked with the wrap but it still became sore. I moved the hanger up the shaft away from the body and made sure it was flaccid between the body and the hanger and managed to do some. I kept taking a few days off and trying again but it kept coming back. I went to a Chinese herbist looking for some special oil or ointment to use, but only got a type of menthol oil that is warm (like a mild ben gay). I am not too sure about it but it might help keep blood flowing there.

Now for the main point everyone should know. When doing the uli thing exercize, make absolutely damn sure that between the hanger and the body is flaccid before using any weights. Also you do not want to attach it all the way at the base. If you do the exercise right it is a great, but you really have to work up to it and be careful. People should also work with regular ulies and stuff for a while until your penis can really handle this.

So…I still can’t be sure what caused the injury, but the combo of things makes the most sense. It could be the uli or the dancing or the yanking on it to keep it hard etc. It could be that it was just in a weakened state etc. In fact believe it or not, yesterday I came home from getting crazy at a costume party and I am sore in the same way on the exact opposite side of the penis, which was never sore before :( and I can’t blame PE for this one at all.

Well I hope that answers your questions.


Reason I ask that is after hanging while standing, (heavy, lots of sets) over several days, I feel a strange soreness in the lower ab region. After doing some anatomical research, this type of stuff really doesn’t appear to be a penis injury per se, but actually something to do with lower abdomen/Colles fascia. Colles is often described as a membrane/sheath that although it covers the lower abs, also extends down to and around the penis. My theory is that depending on activity/body postion while PEing, one can atually overstress this tissue. I can’t say whether it can be torn, or just disruted and pulled away/down from other tissues, but to me it’s doesn’t seem an unlikely event. I can feel a significant tension in this area while hanging standing/down, especially while leaning back slightly or moving my pelvis forward. It is also plausible to me that doing the type of uli you describe and the resultant soreness, that Colles fascia may also have something to do with your situation. Considering the nature of the described tissue and it’s location, one might assume that doing this type of uli while erect (Colles more extended) it could be significantly traumatized via great tension. Also, be it bump and grind or lap dance type stuff, they all involve alot of lower ab/pelvis tension. Might bring some additional soreness to this type of tissue trauma if indeed it is this tissue. I haven’t hung for the last two days just to let all of my soreness in this area subside. I could hang, but I don’t want any “confusional factors” with respect to old pain if I am trying to hit certain areas. Honestly wonder if standing while hanging/uli stuff puts the abdominal tissues in a stretched and therefore more vulnerable postion for collateral damage (sprain, tear, irritation). Possibly better to do this stuff slightly bent at the waist or in sitting position? Haven’ really gotten into BTC just yet, but done certain ways it might actually be a bit safer. Like to hear any comments or experiences on this type of stuff. It can’t be THAT rare in the PE commnity, especially with hangers. Might do others a favor to really try to sus this stuff out before someone really has problems. I’m fine, really, but I know if I were to push to far in this direction while assuming all is well, it’s likely that bad things could happen. groa

Well I don’t see how you can do set after set of standing while hanging. That is not only hard but boring as well. I only stood occasionally to see how it was different, leaning forward etc. I always hung sitting down on the edge of a chair and then moved to BTC. It may be that standing does effect the area you described more. However, I do remember getting feeling of strain etc in the stomach area and was concerned about it. It never hurt but was noticable. Eventually I took it as a good thing and sort of looked forward to it actually. That was in the center above the penis in the stomach area. However, I don’t know what type of feeling you are experiencing. My injury is in the penis though. About 1/2 inch into the actual shaft and also in the body as well. It is also where the doc checks for hernia. I don’t know about it being the same thing since it is actually in the penis itself not the stomach area.

Hope you figure it out. I would say rest a few days and return to sitting and hanging and see how it goes.


Actualy, it's quite east.

I don’t just stand there staring at a wall, I do things. Most folks would be amazed at what one can do with a weight hanging from there dick. Vitually anything that can be done standing-up. Just have to amble about ones domacile a bit slower and mindful of the weights. Watch cabinets and other knee level “dentables”, such as kitchen cabinets, speakers, furniture, etc. Definately going with some type of sitting or other positions to lessen ab stretch while hanging. If you are not familiar with what I mention about some of the other tissues in this area of the body and are still curious about you ongoing pain, from penis on into the abdomen, you might want to look into some of the anatomy links. It actually surprises me that they (MD’s) don’t suspect this type of stuff when they check for actual hernia due to a complaint. Physiologically, it looks more likely that this is the area folks would be more inclined to strain, especially with regards to PE. It (Colles fasscia) actually extends into the penis…kinda starts over the abs and wraps around alot of the lower unit. I do not think that I will ever use this hanger for Uli work…seems quite risky at any level. Thanx for the info. groa

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