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Blood in my urine!!! Help!

Blood in my urine!!! Help!

Could this be caused by PE? I’m 35 and also have been on the Atkins diet. I’m really scared. I’ve had lower back pain the last 3 days also. Should I “juice-fast” to cleanse my system? Please help!!

See your doctor. Sounds like kidney stones or infection. Make an appointment right away. I work in a hpospital taking xrays to help diagnose many problems including kidney stones. Those things can get damn painful. Get treatment asap before you’re doubled over in pain. This is not a diagnosis, but for the symptoms you described you will certainly need a doctor.


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see a doc. Maybe one of the Doc’s on this board (there claim to be some) can shed some light on your predicament. The lower back pain thing is often associated with kidney, prostrate, of intestinal distress. No on seems to know why as far as I’ve read, but it is not a rare thing to feel that in those cases. Might want to stay away from any radical dietary ideas in the meantime…they’re not all they’re cracked up to be and can have strange side effects over the long term. Kinda shock the body into a bad situation. Not saying this is the cause of your distress, just eliminating this facet could eliminate one variable from the cause of your problems. Hey physicians! groa

The guys are right ......

Don't do the juice-fast, it may exacerbate your condition. You need see a doctor - in person, not over the internet. The sooner you see one the sooner you’ll be out of pain and well again. Don’t take risks with your health!

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Thanks guys. Groa-You actually hit the nail on the head, as I have been on the Atkins diet for about 6 weeks. Works pretty good but doesn’t seem to be worth it now. I kinda figured that was it instead of PE, but I’d also been on a 2 week consistant PE regimen but never did anything intense to cause injury.

I’m sucking down the water like crazy (and peeing every 5 minutes!) Blood is gone, but I’m not gonna think its gone away. Thanks again for the advice and I’ll keep you posted.

blood in urine

this could be from PE but the lower back pain would suggest that it is more likely from prostate infection or kidney stones, some times odd diets may cause stones to form. see a Dr.

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