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BFS Theory


Wad, I understand your theory as it applies to deconditioning from manual stretching, hanging, and jelqing, all of which amount to some sort of pulling exercises, but I wonder if you believe that non-pulling routines such as vacuum pumping and clamping should also be totally avoided during a planned rest period?

HANK (WB9x7)

Hey Wad, interesting theory! I’ve noticed that when I hang on a rigorous routine, my dick sort of tightens. This means that after some weeks, my BPFSL goes down a little bit compared and my dick doesn’t hang as soft as usually. Unfortunately, I lately only gained FSL, not EL. Eventually even the FSL gains stopped. I took this and the “stiffness” as a sign that I’m overdoing it and switched to a routine with some pumping and jelqing, mostly girth workout. I’ll measure again in two weeks. I wonder if my FSL will go up, too!

"Denn wer ewig strebend sich bemüht, den können wir erlösen"

Goethe, Faust II

In my first months of PE when I took 3-5 days off before measuring each month, a gain would seemingly occur or increase during the rest days. I suspect this was due a combination of the tissues relaxing and my erection strength going from hard to super hard. I don’t get such increases anymore, but I don’t gain as much each month either.

I’ve had times during PE (mostly during periods of intense manual stretching) where I’ve temporarily lost both BPFSL and BPEL - anywhere from 1/16” to 1/8”. Actual shrinkage. Yuck! In those situations the length returned after either taking a few days off or switching over to hanging.

Even in this rare situation my BPFSL doesn’t continue to increase with more time off. It seems the tissues need maybe a week at most to fully “relax” to their fullest size (assuming relaxation is even what is happening here). However, a week certainly isn’t enough deconditioning to prime things for a good growth spurt. 4 weeks has worked for me. 2 weeks aren’t enough. I haven’t tried 3 weeks. 6-8 may be better, or not. I do know that at some length of time you reach a point of diminishing returns.

I gained roughly 1/16” per month fairly consistently for a while. So, I conclude that at least during that stage of my PE career, typical monthly gains from hanging were 1/16”. After an experimental 4 week break I gained 1/8” the following month. Taking many months off resulted in an extra 3/16” in the first month I resumed. Progress fell back down to about 1/16” per month after both of these initial spurts.

As I said, after the first few days of rest my BPEL and BPFSL don’t increase at all, but given enough time away from adequate maintenance they can reduce slightly. I hadn’t done anything for length since the end of February. A while back I noticed my BPEL was down 1/16” to 1/8” and BPFSL reduced by 1/8”. A few weeks of a routine similar to the Newbie Routine has brought my size back up to where I left off.

Wad, I don’t know why your BPFSL continues to increase while you rest. What is happening to your girth? Are you using a different ruler or measuring method? Are you losing fat? BP measurements are the most fat-independent, but fat probably still affects them to some degree. Maybe you have lost weight to the point your body is now feeding off the stubborn fat areas, such as the pubic pad. Just throwing out some possibilities.

If your FSL is truly increasing I wonder how many guys experience this.

Originally Posted by hobby
My BPFSL used to run exactly .5” ahead of my BPEL. Then it increased to 5/8” and has been roughly there since. Others have reported increases in the gap, some even a lot more than I’ve had. Erection fullness doesn’t explain the difference, meaning it’s not weaker erections lagging behind an increasing BPFSL length. The BPFSL: BPEL ratio can and does change over time. An increase in BPFSL may portend and increase in BPEL. Or not.

Had you gained girth in this time?

What I’m getting at is that a flaccid stretch is the shortest distance between two points, but a BPEL smaller than BPFSL is indicative of the ‘curvature’ of the tissues going around the three dimensional shape, and that a greater girth would notionally take more tissue to reach between the two points (hence the greater delta between FBPSL and BPEL when gaining girth).

I gained 1/16” of girth a month or so before the difference increased. But I had gained similar amounts before without widening the 1/2” gap.

Wad, I think like many others have probably said this is certainly a new level of thought in the PE mind. My only concern with taking a break is loosing that momentum, and not picking it back up. But the reasoning is superb. Thanks

So my thoughts are when people say they are going on vacation or have to take a week-month off, maybe instead of suggesting maintenance PE, we suggest no PE.

Is that what our new answer should be to this old question?

Taking into consideration that the PE’er taking the break probably should have been PE’ing regularly for at least …say 3 months?

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Originally Posted by wadzilla

But I don’t see the purpose of measuring only once per 1-3 months. An effective PE routine should NOT take 3 months to see any results. And if you wait months to measure and find that you’ve gained nothing, THAT is discouraging. And it’s also a waste of 3 months of your time to determine that your routine was shit.

Very good thread. I think it’s not only that you are good at analysis, but also that you are a seasoned vet which is evident in your posts. And this quote hits bullseye I think. Not just for newbies, but also for non newbies I see posting that they are waiting many weeks to months between measurements.

I like Wads theory. I don’t have much to add at the moment, but I’m doing an experiment based on the same principle. I only do exercise on average once per week. The most frequent is twice per week, but decreasing in frequency when no immediate gains are made, which could be up to several months I guess. The rest of the time that I’m actively un-PEing, I’m researching to work out how to supercharge the process.

They should study PE in some university.

I think this is the best theory I’ve read for some time. I mean this really makes sense. I’ve noticed that my BPFSL has increased recently.. I hope this means I’ll get some EL soon :D !

Btw, I don’t know when to measure BPFSL. I mean my flaccid cock size differs VERY much (sometimes is at least 2 times bigger).

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Just wanted to add something here: Today I updated my Thunders PE Data log as it’s getting near year end, and I shocked myself by what I’d written previously. Sometimes you forget where you came from and think that there’s no real progress (another case of penis dysmorphia).

My routine is so basic, simple and sparse that it’s barely a real routine. I’ve gained 3/16” BPEL and 1/4”G since the end of June. It’s especially interesting that I gained more girth than length because I do girth even less than length, and length has the benefit of ligs for more tissue to work on.

Only over the last month or so have I decided on interval timing for the protocol, as before that it was much the same exercise but more sporadic.

Your results since June support what I’ve thought for quite some time: most guys under-do stretching and over-do jelqing. Also, that the two qualities - length and girth - should NOT be trained the same.

Girth requires TIME to heal, whereas with length we want to keep pulling on it. You admit that you did even less girth work than length, yet you gained more girth. I also made excellent girth gains and, until I changed my whole approach, little length gains. I nearly cut out jelqing altogether and began stretching like hell….then got some length gains.

Here’s what my log tells me (no Twin Peaks pun intended):

13-Aug-2004: Girth 5 1/4
17-Aug-2004: *Heavy* clamped squeeze session [edit: by heavy I meant about 3 hours! of up to 20 mins per time]
18-Aug-2004: Girth 5 1/2
22-Aug-2004: Girth 5 3/8, EBPL 7.0
31-Aug-2004: Girth 5 1/2 EBPL 7.0

That means that a single marathon session this year added 1/4” girth. I did some more long clamp sessions around october in quick succession and added another 3/16”, but I was really over doing it and they didn’t seem to stick for more than a few weeks until it reduced back to the 5 1/2” where it’s stayed until now.

I don’t measure EBPL very often so couldn’t track when the gains happened. I’d seen BPFSL going up without the EBPL, then magically I measured EBPL a month or so later and it had caught up.

Originally Posted by wadzilla
Your results since June support what I’ve thought for quite some time: most guys under-do stretching and over-do jelqing. Also, that the two qualities - length and girth - should NOT be trained the same.

Girth requires TIME to heal, whereas with length we want to keep pulling on it. You admit that you did even less girth work than length, yet you gained more girth. I also made excellent girth gains and, until I changed my whole approach, little length gains. I nearly cut out jelqing altogether and began stretching like hell….then got some length gains.

I can vouch for this as well.

Wad, Great post. I agree with your summations. Thanks for the time and effort of giving back.

I find this theory very intriguing as it and also the TGC theory explain why I am not gaining as fast any more as I was in my first few months (apart from newbie gains).
After returning from breaks, I realize short bursts of growth as well.

I am 100% convinced that BPFSL is potential BPEL, meaning it can and will be translated to BPEL over time.
I will call BPFSL also PBPEL (potential BPEL).
This is what happened to me, if I look back at my progress:
Starting out, I had a BPFSL which was 0.5” longer than my BPEL.
They both “raced” each other while growing and as soon as my BPEL caught up with BPFSL, the gains slowed down dramatically and even stopped for a period of time.

Currently, my BPFSL and BPEL are still about the same, I would even say my BPFSL is a hair shorter than my BPEL.
I am really looking into increasing my BPFSL size >.<
I think I will adjust my 3 month on, 1 month off cycle to something more dynamic, which makes more sense; using your (BFS) theory as a gauge during the decon break to measure whether to still continue or stop the break - as soon as BPFSL gains during the break stop, its time to resume.

If I knew about this, I would have measured my BPFSL in my last decon break which was the entire last month >.<
As soon as I started out, I realized some gains (about 0.2 cm or sth).
I bet I could have maximized the gains If I just let my BPFSL fully grow and extend the decon break. God damn it >.<

I am taking note, favoriting this thread and as I said, at the end of this cycle, I will use my BPFSL to determine how long I should stay in the decon phase.

Meanwhile, does anyone now how to specifically target BPFSL?
I heard that any type of girth work works against it. A lenght-only routine should be the best bet, right?
For this, should I drop edging/light jelqs?

Thanks and best regards

Edit: Perhaps one reason why BPEL catches up to BPFSL is because the micro-level cycle (2on1off or 5on2off in days) does just not have enough resting in them to allow BPFSL to equally grow, to keep the distance to BPEL same.
This may why people plateau - not having the proper cycle - overworking basically.
Perhaps, later on, when I switch up routines form hanging to something else, I should look for something like 1on2off or 1on3off or something similar to maintain the BPFSL-BPEL distance, so I can gain continuously..

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