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beware- injuries and discoloration..


skinn i have also read a few times on this site that with time off discoloration will slowly fade.Im no expert on discoloration and im not telling you what to do but i dont think hanging is going to help your discoloration.

Im also going to take your advise and up my warm up time, better safe then sorry right.

Thunder, Thanks for having me. It was really funny when the Dr asked if it worked , I realy did not expect that LOL. When I told him he had this curious look on his face , He asked me how much I gained and I told him 3/4 of an inch, He just sat there dumbfounded as if he could not believe it.I know he wanted more info but at that time I was very uncomfortable given the situation . I just wanted to know I would be OK and thank God I was . I am very happy there is still a forum like this that can help me pick up where I left off .Thank you Thunder.

Skinndee , Your wounds will heal just give it some time glad my post help put your mind at ease



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