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Best ways to get the hardest erections?

Best ways to get the hardest erections?

jelq? kegals? pumps? l-argargine? list whatever works best


viagra- from what I have read

a good blow job- from personal experience :)

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I agree with 2in2. Viagra or a blow job, and not necessarily in that order of preference.



PS: And we were not making a joke of your post.




kegel, kegel, kegel and then kegel some more :)

I find generaly that I have much better quality erections since starting PE with a stretch/jelq routine, though some guys complain jelqing causes ED.

btw you might have got a more serious response if you had posted in the newbie forum. There has been a lot posted on this subject before.

You don’t say what you need harder erections for. If sex, that is one area; if for PE, that’s another. Some guys get great sexual erections yet have variable ones when doing their PE routines.

If you have a continuing problem, see the post at the top of the Mens’ Sexual Health Forum and maybe post there, saying more.



Arginine, minimum of 5 grams/day or before action.




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To give you the answer you want we really need to have more information. What’s the reason behind the question?

How old are you?
Do you have Ed problems?
Do you smoke?

I take 10-15 grams a day of Arginine a day and it doesn’t improve my erections. Arginine is one of those things that work for some people and doesn’t work for others.

Viagra works great for me. :)

Tell us more.

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