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Super Erections Finally


Super Erections Finally

Here’s my deal. I’ve been taking viagra a couple years. I hate the stuff. My bones ache after taking it. Stuffy heads, headaches. I mean come on phizer makes the stuff, it’s got to be bad for you. I mean how long has the crap been around? Not that long I don’t think. So anyhow, I’m off the stuff and I don’t need it anyhow.

I’ve been focusing on full body orgasms as per the other thread. But in the process I’ve discovered something wonderful. I haven’t reached a full body orgasm or multi orgasm or ejaculation free orgasm, but I’m getting erections like you would not believe. No viagra either.

I’ve been kegeling forever and it definitely helps. But I don’t think it’s as beneficial as the kegal hold I will describe. I’ve also been working with an aneros. So I don’t know if it’s the kegels or the aneros or the combo of both that is helping. I’m using the aneros 2x a week about 1/2 hour to 45 minutes per use. I’m not using it with my wife and I’m not using it to jerk off either. I just use it to try to obtain full body orgasms and have stumbled upon some nice benefits.

Now the kegel holds I will describe. It has caused me to have mind blowing erections. I’m also restoring foreskin as well and I’m at full flacid coverage in about 3 months which is good progress. I’m eating good, and consuming maca daily 2 tsp and I’m also doing about 3” of raw ginger per day too. Now I smoke too which should discourage erections, but I’m telling you, from doing this regimen, I’m getting high school teenager wood. You know the wood that is so good it hurts?

I spend a lot of time in the car driving to and from work 1 hour each way 3 times a week. So I use to do tons of kegels. But once in a while I mix it up and try a different type of kegel. Now this is one that will get your prostrate pulsing or throbbing and this is the one that I feel is contributing to the unreal erections. Also, I’m abstaining from porn and have adopted a hands off policy. No masturbation under any circumstances. I’m one of those guys that gets depleted when I orgasm, and the use of the hand to have an orgasm got old about 10 years ago, so now it’s hands off.

The kegel hold.
Start with about 200 regular holds and releases. Then focus on the anus and try to contract that without contracting the pc muscle. Learn to separate the two. Pull the anal muscles, then the pc muscles. If you can’t discern the two, stick one finger on your ass and one on your million dollar point. Then when you learn the difference separate the holds between the two. Do it lightly at first. Anus, then PC, Anus then PC and eventually you’ll get in a rolling type motion. This is just warmup. Do this for 5 minutes. It’s free, can do it anywhere, so just do it. Next, the holds. After your warmed up, clench the PC muscle and hold for 10 seconds. Do about 20 sets of these. Then finally pull and hold the pc muscle as long as you can. Pull it hard and focus on pulling that muscle and not the anus. After holding it for a minute or two, your pc muscle will start to contract and pulse and convulse. I keep this going for about 30 minutes in the car because there’s nothing else to do. I’m sure it’s not bad for you because it feels damn good.

Try this each day for 5 days, no orgasm, then attack your wife or partner. I guarantee you will be surprised beyond belief. No pills, no bullshit. I have had almost spiritual experiences in pleasure from doing this. I’ve had body shakes and sex with my wife that was just beyond intense. I don’t believe I’ve had a full body orgasm but I believe that I am close. I mean I have been in my wife like shaking with my eyes rolled in back of my head from this. I’ve repeated it many times as well. But the key is doing this daily. It can be done anywhere, anytime. Retain your semen as well. Hands off.

Any questions, ask.


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Interesting. I’ll try to isolate the different muscles, sounds like a winner.

Nice post.

Hi, I’m testing has separate PC and BC muscles, and it is quite difficult, I realize that if we just throw the PC muscle, I have no such force as I thought. is this a sign that I’m doing well? thanks


Well it’s more about isolating the pc muscle and clenching that than separating the two. I mean you know how to stop piss right? That’s basically it.

The key is to hold the contraction long enough and hard enough to start the pulsating of the prostrate. Ever have a muscle twitch? It’s the same thing only you are causing it. I don’t know if it’s actually fatiguing the muscle which is causing the twitching or what. But the key is to not do it too hard and not do it too slightly. If you do it too hard I don’t know what will happen.

Too hard? What do I mean? Well imagine drinking a 6 pack of beer and not pissing for 4 hours and not being able to piss. The amount of clenching it would take not to piss yourself? That’s too much. A few notches down from that. I sort of discovered this by mistake. I use to do like 10000 small kegels per day, you know, hold, release, hold, release and that helps. I got bored and started to see how long I could hold a clench from moderate to extreme tense. The constant holding till you start to get a tingle is what you want. It feels good in itself when you do discover it, but the real fun is after a few days of doing this and then sinking your dick into a hot mouth or pussy.

I’m telling you, I have had some sensations not of this Earth from doing this. Now it takes a little bit of relaxation too. I’ve been trying all day here at work and have not been able to focus much. You have to hold and clench for a good 5 minutes before the contractions start. Then from there it’s more easy to control. But like I said I’ve also been restoring foreskin too, which might have some to do with the extra earthly sensations. I mean most cut guys will never know what it feels like to be uncut. But by having the head covered constantly, some feeling starts to come back as well. I’m sure that’s not contributing to the rock hard erections.

Think of it like this. When you were young, you could run 5 miles and recover pretty quickly. No stretching, etc… Now as you age, you have to stretch before and after and your legs might ache a bit from it. So, basically it’s no longer free. There is a cost. You have to do some good stretching before hand.

Now as I get older (40 now) I am convinced that erections are not free either. You can do it the easy way, with Viagra, but I’m done with that. I’m just at peace with the fact that I have to dedicate a 1/2 hour at least to this per day if I want to continue to have the erections that I’ve been experiencing because of this new exercise. Now perhaps I could use other words. It’s not really a contraction that you experience. You are contracting the muscles and eventually you will start to feel your prostrate quiver, AS YOUR STILL HOLDING THE CONTRACTION. I should have mentioned that.

Since you are my property, the contents of your mind are also my property, and you will give them to me when I ask.

dificil solo es el empezar a distinguir un musculo de otro y alternar la contraccion de uno y otro, pero con unos dias de practica me imagino que ira siendo mas facil, tengo problemas de ereccion y ojala me ayude bastante a mejorar mis erecciones, ya veo que estas encantado con los resultados, debo preguntarte con cuantos dias haciendo la rutina has tenido los primeros resultados?


I’ve been starting to do long holds focusing on the BC muscle too and quit porn and masturbation also in search of rock hard erections. I’m doing my BC holds every other day, do you do it every day o would that fatigue the muscle to much?

Originally Posted by tb88 via google translate

is hard to just begin to distinguish one from another and alternating muscle contraction of each other, but with few days of practice I guess anger being easier, I have erection problems and hopefully enough to help me improve my erections, I see these happy with the results, I must ask how many days doing the routine you had the first results?

(Google translate) I’m thinking “anger” was a mistake in translation.

9/10: BPEL 6.0" / MSEG 5.0" / BEG 5.5"

Now: BPEL 6.75" / MSEG 5.25"

Goal: BPEL 7.5" / MSEG 5.5" ||8===D~·.؁

Originally Posted by Pastor Sirveks
(Google translate) I’m thinking “anger” was a mistake in translation.

Yes make that “it will be easier”

I need to translate, translate with google, I understand some English but not as advanced as pa speak, lol sorry


Bigdog51, I just started and sufficient cause fatigue, I’m trying to improve my erections


Originally Posted by tb88
I need to translate, … … lol sorry

It’s a pleasure to read some Spanish as people really speak it.

I’m glad!!!


Me no speaka the good Spanish :D

Anyhow, don’t worry about fatigue or any of that or overdoing it. If your overdo it, your going to know it. I’ve been doing the kegels for years. I’m talking probably 10,000 daily, seriously. I’ve counted up to 1000 on drives and can do 100 fast ones in a minute. But what I’m trying to say is the fast ones (clench + release quick) only do so much. When you hold the contraction, which is the same muscle as trying not to piss or shit, it will eventually start to quiver. Don’t get bogged down with the mechanics and the names of the muscles. I’m only starting to learn how to separate the anal muscles and the PC muscles, but this is because of some advice on the use of the aneros. What I’m talking about is just clenching the PC and holding till the quivers, convulsions, shakes of the prostrate occur.

This is thing is what is causing my erections to me mind bending.

Other stuff I’m doing.
Cardio daily. I’ve started a HIT traning called Sprint 8. Google it. 20 minutes a day.
I’m eating 1 cup of oat meal before bed. Excellent morning wood and > libido
I’m doing about 300mg tongkat ali / day
5000mg Vit C / day
8000 i/u vitamin D3 day (helps depression in the low light Winter days, which helps libido)
2 pills of zinc, 1 morning, 1 evening
tbsp of Carlsons fish oil a day = 3G
3-4” of raw ginger
2 tsp raw maca powder. 1 tsp morning, 1 in evening.

The tongkat ali is the most expensive one. 70 bucks for a tiny bottle, but it’s extract, comes with a tiny measuring spoon and has lasted me 2 months or so.

You guys can get good wood, but you got to do the work. Energy is not free. So I have to do cardio every single day for the rest of my life, or I’m groggy and run down. I have to do it. I have to eat good as I have had heartburn and bloating all my life. I stay clear of hydrogenated oils and high fructose corn syrup. I’m not perfect. I eat garbage too, but nothing with those two ingredients in them. I figured I would have to take viagra every single time I wanted to have sex.

Not so. The combination of working out daily, getting good sleep, which I don’t do enough, the kegels, the eating lots of protein frequently eating blended green smoothies in between protein. Complex carb before bed (oatmeal or baked potato) and lots of raw nuts has me having wood I never dreamed of.

Oh and finally as I mentioned, at least for me, ejaculating is just completely energy draining. I am finding with doing the kegels as mentioned, I have super control over orgasm. I’m having so many mind bending mini orgasms and feelings that I’ve never felt before that I don’t really even care about ejaculation. It’s programming from upbringing you know? Have sex must cum. That’s cave man mentality. You don’t have to orgasm to have fun. Well at least don’t do it with your fist. Make a pact with yourself that you are going to keep your hands off. See if you can last a week. I can. I’ve gone 18 days then of course fucked a girl I was seeing and she was dripping for days. Now that’s far better than the usual dribble in the basement watching porn, going to bed with that depleted feeling. Orgasm is like a drug. The more you do it, the less the effects are. Seriously.

Hands off + the recipe above. See if you can hold a kegel for a 1/2 hour? It’s effortless and mindless when your doing something mundane while in the car or at work. But focus on holding the muscle and varying the amount of hold you have on it. If you can’t hold a kegel for 5 minutes, honestly your in bad shape. But don’t let that discourage you. Hold for a minute, release, take a minute, do it again. When you work up to when you can hold it for long periods of time, then your going to start feeling the pulsing, quivering, contracting, convulsing or whatever you want to call it of the prostrate. When you start to feel this sensation, this is what is most beneficial to erections. Now this doesn’t mean you have to instantly beat off after.

Make a good effort to dedicate 1/2 hour to this daily. Don’t say you can’t do it, or you don’t have time. Everyone has a 1/2 hour during the day when they are sitting on their ass. Before you know it you’ll be doing this subconsciously. I was talking to a girl at work today. Prostrate quivering and I’m carrying on a conversation. It’s mindless and easy. I program my phone as well to send me reminders 4x a day in case I’m busy and forgot to dedicate some time to this.

You don’t need frign pills, you don’t need doctors. That’s the mentality of the irresponsible and lazy. This is the tool. I’m telling you once more. The combination of a hands off policy and doing this 1/2 hour a day will have your johnson ready to knock down walls. And remember. I smoke, so if it works for me, it should work for anybody.

Since you are my property, the contents of your mind are also my property, and you will give them to me when I ask.

Originally Posted by Bigdog51
I’ve been starting to do long holds focusing on the BC muscle too and quit porn and masturbation also in search of rock hard erections. I’m doing my BC holds every other day, do you do it every day o would that fatigue the muscle to much?

Don’t worry about fatigue. The way I notice it is like this. The more fatigued my BC muscle, PC muscle, prostrate or whatever you like to call it, the better my dick works. You’d think the opposite would be the case but not so. Also, as I said, don’t get bogged down with mechanics and terms. Take a piss and stop. Stop every 1 second of pissing. Then force the steam out. Then stop, then force the stream out. Do this till your dry. This is another good exercise. This will help your ejaculatory force and will also help you understand which muscle your trying to isolate. Now I’ve read other posts / threads about this muscle and that muscle. To me there’s really 2 that you can isolate. The BC or PC muscle which seems to be more related to the prostrate, between the anus and the balls. And the anal spincter itself. You can isolate these with touch. Spend a 1/2 hour touching and learn the difference. But it is the muscle that stops the piss we’re talking about here. Work it for a solid 1/2 hour a day with quick holds and releases till you can work up the strength to hold it for a 1/2 hour. About 5 minutes into the hold, once your working this thing daily you’ll start to feel what I’ve been mentioning. This is most beneficial to erection quality.

Since you are my property, the contents of your mind are also my property, and you will give them to me when I ask.

First of all, thanks for the info you provided! You’re excitement is evident in your writing and I’m glad once again that I’ve been lucky enough to find a place where so many share their knowledge and experience so freely.

I have a question about differentiating between the anus and the pc muscle. You mentioned earlier that something that may help with that is placing one finger on the ass and one on the “million dolar spot”. I’m not sure what that is. Can you please explain? When I do kegels I notice that I’m clenching my anus at the same time.

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