Best length gains, anyone!!!

Hi everyone, I am a new member to this website, although I have been engaged in P.E, for 14 months now with, that is how I know ThunderSS.
Anyway I would like any feedback on lengthening exercises, as there are a few on this site I have never done before.

I am currently 7.75 erect bpm, and 6.5 erect girth.
My goal is to reach 9.5 erect bpm, girth I am quite happy with, although I`ll take more if it happens.
I don`t know what the circumference of the pump I use, but I fill the entire tube until half way to give you some idea of my girth.
My partner goes crazy over it, really stretches her.

Any feedback would be appreciated.

P.S: Will get some photo`s done in the near future!!!!!

Gettin Bigger