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Been a while.....checking in

Been a while.....checking in

Just checking in, I hope everyone is achieving success. Want to say a big HELLO to Stevie, Hobby, Captain Hook, and Thunder. I haven’t been online since October 04 because of a computer, I don’t foresee myself spending a lot of time on the forum now like I used to. It is hard for me to believe it will be 2 years of P.E. in May, it has been a hell of a journey with great success and no injuries.

To all the new guys with big dreams, don’t pay another fucking cent for penis enlargement information; this forum is a vault with enough free information to enlarge your goober to any reasonable goal. Donate if you can it sure does look like it is needed with all the new members and hard work put into improvements. Be nice, pictures aren’t always what they seem to be and arguing back and forth online is just a contest to see who can write better. Measure with your eyes and hand, not a ruler, it will keep you more sane.

I don’t have a magic bullet in my hiatus; it still is requiring harder work as I go. I still do not do a routine, or count anything. I’m still going by the “old school” theory of plastic deformation, time and force applied.
I can tell you I’m having better sex and noting that the porn stars aren’t as big as they used to appear, as for measurements, I don’t care what they are, so don’t ask.

I appreciate everyone here who has taken the time to post information that I have found very useful. Thunder thanks for the leadership and patience to make this all work out like it does. Moderators, thanks for keeping the assholes, liars, and snake oil salesmen out, and keeping the very best in.


Thanks Ramrod, no I haven’t hung at all since September 04. I never could get a good run with the upward hanging, it was and is a total bitch for me no matter what I tried. I am manually working on the inner with good results, when I think my ligs can drop more, I’ll crank back up on SD and BTC angles.

Hey this has been kind of fun talking about P.E. instead of only doing it. :)


Originally Posted by Hog6.5
Alice, good to see you around. Missed you, buddy.

What are your measures?:)

Before you ask, I haven’t lost more weight. But will.

Welcome back,

Hey Hog, Thanks for the kind words. I’m doing pretty good on the weight loss by eating a more natural diet. Ohh by the way I measure 16X9 :)


Originally Posted by Alice Hooper
I can tell you I’m having better sex and noting that the porn stars aren’t as big as they used to appear, as for measurements, I don’t care what they are, so don’t ask.
.. A.Hooper

Welcome back A H,

You make an interesting observation about pornstars no longer appearing as big as they used to. I remember years ago, thinking that some pornstars were incredibly thick, and now( thanks to PE), I look girthier than them. Hallelujah to PE and Thundersplace! The dick insecurities are finally gone!


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RWG Checking out.

RWG mistakenly posted in the wrong thread. He asked me to delete his message here.


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