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PE Trucker checking in...New Poster


PE Trucker checking in...New Poster

Hey everyone. It feels kind of weird finally becoming a member here as I’ve been lurking for a little over a year. I love this board and read it religiously (that means every Sunday and when I feel guilty…lol). I am confident when I say that this board has by far the most friendly and helpful posters that I have seen on the web. I feel like I almost know some of you after reading your posts for over a year and tracking the progress most of you have made. I am a believer.

Now for my story: I’m a 34 year old single cross-county truck driver. I’m decent looking and have had my share of women through the years. A few long term things before I was trucking, but mostly one-night stands are my forte for the past several years. I’ve always been a little insecure with my size at 6bpel x almost 5 eg before PE. This would put me at close to average, but at 6’3” and 220 lbs., my willy gets dwarfed by my body size. When I was 180 lbs. and athletic, it really wasn’t a problem for me, but now it is. I would be lying if I said I wanted to better please the women I meet, but in reality, I just want to feel them a little more. If they like the bigger meat I will have, then that’s a bonus. I’m doing this for me. Well, I stumbled upon this site a year ago and decided to start doing the PE exercises. I was really into it at first but had trouble keeping the motivation up. After one year of very sporadic PE, I gained 1/4 inch el and 1/4 inch eg. I’m happy I gained , but very, very disappointed in myself for the lack of dedication I put into it . I know I could have easily doubled my gains with a more consistent effort. I have vowed to make the next year a non-regret for myself, and WILL gain at least 1/2 inch el and eg.

Oh yeah, my routine is manual stretching and jelquing, but I just started doing more squeezes and variations of ulis and other moves. Most of these are done in my truck as I am on the road for 2 weeks at a time. No, I don’t PE while driving, although I have tried…lol. I’m happy with my workout, but just need to be more consistent. I know I had a few questions when I started writing this thing, but now I forget. Guess I’ll save them for another post. Thanks to everyone for their help.

Good luck brother! I started PE about a year ago and I have gained .5” EL and .25 of an inch EG (not really trying to gain girth at this point). Happy gaining man, hopefully you can work out a good way to PE on those long hauls ;)

Welcome to the boards, Peter! Your username choice is clever.

It sounds like you have a really healthy motivation for and attitude toward PE. You’ll make great gains this year if you’re consistent. Good luck!

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First trucker I’ve seen here….

Welcome aboard, my man. Good to have you. :thumbs:

Make it huge....!

Uncut4Big / Mike

Thanks guys for your encouragement. Yeah, my user name barely beat out (pun intended) Big Rig, Large Car, and Long Haul as the other trucking euphemisms. It was a tough choice but after a 10 hr drive I figured it out. I did remember what questions I had for the group here. I have a problem with my willy coming out during sex. I’ve got an up curve coupled with a boner that is almost flat against my belly while standing (36” waist, I’m not that fat!…lol) In certain positions my willy seems like it is almost spring-loaded and just pops right out of there. Cowgirl is a problem and other positions also. Of course being longer is a cure-all and someday I will be.

My LOT is 9ish, but I was wondering about the correlation between LOT and erect level. If I am pulling down will my erection get lower, or does it take a heavy penis to make it lower? I watch a lot of porn (insert joke here) and those guys all hang lower than me when erect. Of course they are larger and much more…hell maybe I’m overthinking this for my first day here. Damn it! I had a positive PE experience tonight! While getting it on with this georgeous 21 year old Mexican chick, she commented on how big my unit was. Instead of playing it down as usual, I I told her thank you and that I was very proud of it, in Spanish of course. Maybe she was just being nice, maybe not. All that matters is that I’m working hard, I’m getting bigger, and we’re all happy. Peace.

"Excuse me while I whip this out."

Do you drive one of those nice trucks that has a little room in the back of the cab for sleeping and wicked airbrush art all over the outside?

What kinds of chicks do you encounter in your travels? Are there really such things as “truck stop whores”? Tell us about the women you’ve met along your route(s).


It\'s all about me.

Welcome aboard Peter Built! A fine moniker for an American Icon of manliness. It sounds as if we started out with nearly identical penises, mine curved and when erect was pretty much straight up too (and about the same size). It was a pain as there were many sex positions that were just not possible (as you pointed out). Now, after a couple years of pulling, stretching and jelqing my curve is almost gone and my erection angle is more like straight out instead of straight up. I think that bringing the LOT down must also effect the erection angle, as it seems to have for me.

Drive carefully, I look forward to hearing more from you soon!

"In an honest Service there is thin Commons, low Wages, and hard labour; in this (Piracy), Plenty and Society, Pleasure and Ease, Liberty and Power; and who would not balance Creditor on this side when all the Hazard that is run for it, at worst, is only a sour Look or two at choaking. No, A merry Life and a short one, shall be my Motto."--Bartholomew Roberts

Senor Franklin,

Thanks for all you have given us in the Colonial days. I appreciate a founding father like yourself. I heard you used to bang a lot of French women when ambassador. Please do tell.

“Lot Lizards” is another term for Truck Stop Whores.

“You see, I don’t want to do good things, I want to do great things.” ~Alexander Joseph Luthor

I know Lewd Ferrigno personally.

Welcome Peter Built!

It’s exciting to learn to know those (at least for me) exotic posters like you or PirateSteve (the warm water swinging cruiser :D ). What do I know. I’ve seen “Rubber Duck” on TV when I was 12 years old. This is where my trucker image comes from - and there where no lot lizards :fie:

Regarding your question: I am pretty sure that LOT and erection angle correspond. I have a low erection angle and a LOT of maybe 7. My ligs are loose as a lot lizard :chuckle:

All the best! *wondering how a 21 year old mexican chick can’t provide enough friction to your now over 5” eg willy* :D

...not buried yet, another 5" ahead!

KPR 0.072 @ Dec. 4, 2003

Howdy Peter Built,

>I’ve got an up curve coupled with a boner that is almost flat against my belly

Lucky. Combined with a 9:00 LOT you should have good potential for length gains from stretching ligs.

I’m too lazy to look up the main LOT thread, but Bib mentioned the relationships he found of length, LOT, and erection angle. He’s the best person to answer your question.

Well, I got up this morning (2 days time off) and was all ready for a marathon PE session when I noticed a spot about midshaft on my tool. It’s not a blood spot or red dot which I used to get, but looks like an abrasion. Maybe I got a condon pinch or something last night. Guess I’ll have to curtail my PE for a few days and see if it heals or gets bigger. Never seen this before and hopefully I didn’t pick up something in Mexico last month.

About my trucking life, it’s actually pretty stressful out on the road and a lot of work. Like Pirate Steve on his boat, its much more work than the general public realizes and not all fun and games. But if you are adventurous, independent, and have a good attitude, it can be a great life.

I do have a nice truck with a twin bed, stand-up sleeper area, tv/vcr, fridge, internet, laptop, ac, heater and plenty of room and time for my PE activities. Sorry Ben, no wicked airbrush murals on my truck..:) . We are regulated pretty closely by DOT as far as hours that we can drive (10 hours a day and 60 a week), so sometimes it’s almost a 9-5 job except I don’t have to drive to work..:) The movies and news like to depict us as pill-popping, wide-open, hell-raisers who drive all night and have a girl in every city. In some cases that is true, but there are all types out here.

As far as women on the road, there are a few lot lizards around, but they are usually pretty skanky, even by my standards :) . I’ve had a few one-nighters along the road with girls I meet in bars, but I usually save my playing for when I take time off every two weeks in Texas. Actually I have a thing for latinas after having spent a lot of time in Central Mexico, Costa Rica, and the TX / Mexico border areas. The thing about latinas, though, is that by the age of 25 they usually have 3-4 kids and my 6X5 unit is sometimes not enough. This girl last night was about a perfect fit, but childless 21 year olds are hard to come by for a 34 year old like me. I would be happy with a 7x6 and that is my goal. It would be better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it. Thanks to everyone for your kind words.

"Excuse me while I whip this out."

Peter -

Thanks for indulging me.

Twat -

I not only used to bang French cabaret whores. I would also occassionally indulge in some of my “servants”.
On a side note, that Betsy Ross give good brain. She had false teeth, you know. Best gumjob this side of the Louisiana purchase!
Please pardon my hazy memory of any kind of historical continuity… I’ve been dead for quite awhile.

It\'s all about me.

Welcome aboard Peter Built.

Your handle reminds me of the old joke about what you get when you cross a Ford and a Peterbuilt. A better built Peter!

Keep the shiny side up good buddy!

sunny A day without sunshine is like a day without laughter :sun:

It seems that you could pick up one of those hitchhiking girls and get them to PE for you while you drive, since that’s a lot of wasted time. And please indulge us with your trucking stories as those are always entertaining and amusing.

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