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Bed Tucks

Bed Tucks

Is there any danger or concern in doing “bed tucks” all night long? I was wondering if circulation may be compromised or restricted enough to cause harm.

For anyone that has routinely done these, have you had any benefits that you would attribute to “bed tucks”?

Thanks for any feedback.

‘Just so happens that question was asked a few days ago: This BED TUCK thing

I’ve done them for hours at a time without any circulation problems. While I’ve often fell asleep while tucked, I always somehow get untucked as I toss and turn, so I don’t know about all night. But, BG has reported doing them all night without problems.

You’ve probably read through this thread. Big Girtha talked about safety issues here, among other posts, and I elaborated a little here.

To allay any concerns you have, just try it yourself: tuck while for a few hours while you’re awake.

It’s important to not compress any of your parts between your legs, so make sure your whole package is back behind your thighs. Sometimes your scrotum will cling to your thighs when you first get tucked, so reach down there and pull your ball sack and cock all the way through, then straighten your legs a little to get a little stretch going. If your entire package is well tucked back there circulation doesn’t seem to be an issue. The blood is supplied in some way that isn’t hindered while you’re tucked.

As I said in that other thread, I think they’ve helped my flaccid size, and helped to stretch my whole package. I also think they benefit my girth work, because my cock grows into a soft, safe chubby that stays nicely turgid for as long as I’m in the tuck. (We have devices that give an All Day Stretch, tucks can provide an All Night Chub.)

And I have to mention again, while you’re tucking, reach back there and stretch your cock. That’s still my favorite stretch. I do it every night and most mornings.


Thanks for the response. I’ll check out those threads.

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