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i need help . i have had this for quite some time now. any advice will be appreciated. i am circumsised


I had this a few years ago. It was nasty, painful and recurrent. It would flare up for a week or two, clear up, then return. I still don’t know what caused it, but I suffered on and off for at least a year.

Finally I started using an anti-fungal cream (Clotrimazole), yet the flare ups continued. I went to the doc. He checked my blood sugar, which was OK, and told me to keep using the cream and also apply Hydrocortizone. The balanitis came back for a few more episodes, then cleared up and hasn’t returned.

Did your problem start after you changed soap or laundry detergent? Are you using any powders lotions on henry? Could be you are having a bad reaction to one of these.

I had a problem a few months ago, and did some research on the net and figured I had Balanitis, so I then searched for an easy way to cure it. I came across a site that said plain salt water applied a couple of times a day will clear up most Balanitis incidents. It worked for me, so it’s worth a shot.

Welcome to the board, Saint. It sounds like salt water is worth a try.

I should add, for others who may struggle with the “Balanitis from Hell” that I experienced, prior to the anti-fungal cream I tried taking an oral antibiotic (Amoxicillin) for a week, daily soaks in bath water with some bleach added to serve as a disinfectant, and on a wild hair tried exposing the affected areas to UV light. None of this worked.

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