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Back again!

Back again!

I’m back, more decided than ever to reach my goals!
I started 2 nights ago, and I won’t stop until I get them. (I’m beginning to feel very unsecure about my size, that’s some kicking ass motivation.)
Routine :
5-10 min DLD Blasters
25-30 min JELQ
5 min Horse 440
5 min JAI

I just bought as flexible measuring tape, very useful to measure girth. My goals have been updated consequently.

Current size :
Lenght : 7 5/16 ” NBP, 7 12/16 BP
Girth : 5 9/16 - 5 10/16 (midshaft)
Lenght : 8” NBP, 8 1/2 BP
Girth : 6”

Actually I’m focusing on my girth first, because I’m not very satisfied by it.

8x6 soon!

Just to state the obvious dude but you dont physically need to PE with those dimensions. BUt good luck acheiveing your goals/satisfaction. I’d like to be more in girth too tbh and Iam not even close to your measurement yet!

[Southern comfort > Jack daniels ]

I didn’t have sex with my girlfriend yet and I think she and her friends are too much into size thing… (Joy of being 19)
I think I’m insecure about what she’ll think about my size so I just want to max it up to 8x6…
“It’s all about the he said she said bullshit!”


[ My friend Jack and his bro Daniel deserve more respect than that, even though they offer their services cheaper than your southern comfort. :P ]

Bro at your size with a teenage chick you will have to work to get it in unless your girl is very experienced. I remember I was about 7 inches when I was a teenager and I had a hell of a time getting into teenage girls, dam those are some tight pussy’s

I haven't failed, I've found 10,000 ways that don't work. Thomas Edison (1847-1931)

Welcome back Jack! Seriously, you have nothing to worry about. In fact, she will probably have a pleasantly surprised look to her when she sees it. You know, the classic, “Oh My..” as in ‘wow it’s bigger than I’m used to’. For more proof that you’re big, check out the current Pre PE length poll. Out of 274 guys here that have voted so far, only 10 are bigger than you. You’re huge dude.

Again, welcome back and good luck!

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