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avoid dorsal nerve?

avoid dorsal nerve?

How can I avoid dorsal nerve when I do my manual stretch?

According to some posting, damage of dorsal nerve causes temporary ED. I read in this forum that the nerve locates on the upper shaft and right behind the head. That location is really hard to avoid during manual stretch because that is where I pull on.

Any suggestion?


> How can I avoid dorsal nerve when I do my manual stretch?<

Grasp on the sides of the head, preferably the ‘shoulders’ of the head, between the thumb and forefinger and middle finger. Or use the ‘trunks of these digits.


Dorsal nerve.


Did you know this site has a search feature that allows you to look for topics in old posts? The button at the top of each page labeled “search” will get you there. I just did a search for “nerve anatomy” and came up with this thread that has some links on the subject.

The dorsal nerve location is probably as different from man to man as is the location of the big dorsal vein. Generally the nerve is somewhere on the top (or dorsum) of the penis. I think most damage to the nerve can come from prolonged compression while hanging weights and manual tugging or jelqing probably isn’t as dangerous as you might think. (More experienced PEers may have differing opinions from this admitted PE newbie.)

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