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Australian clampers rejoice!


Wadfile, I found that my local Bunnings didn’t have the clamps so I had to go to another of their stores and managed to find them. I think they’re a new line for them so not all stores will be on line with them yet so have a hunt! :)


That would be in Nothern Sydney. I have a couple more suburbs to check over this side, so I’ll let you know. It’s just that Bunnings are so big, you hope that they will put them in the electrical section and not in something like homewares.

wad, this one store was the only place I’ve found them, not that I’ve looked extensively lately since they came in at this one store nearest me.

Bunnings are generally a bunch of idiots, but the store layout should be consistent since they did that massive overhaul like 2 years ago. So every store should have the same layout and products, but smaller stores have a more limited range all in the same configuration roughly. I found mine in the electrical section along with the cabling.

You might be able to order them in from other stores but don’t count on that working. Having worked there myself a long while ago, I know first hand most requests like that just get chucked in the bin. Let me know how it works out.


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