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Australian clampers rejoice!


Australian clampers rejoice!

A recent visit to bunnings warehouse here in Sydney revealed that they have recently adopted the genuine cableclamp into their stock!

Since bunnings try to keep some kind of uniformity, at least in their larger stores, I guess this means they should be available anywhere within NSW if not now then soon.

They’ve been available in Victoria for ages! I remember a few years back in highschool the computer admin staff used them to keep all the wires neat and tidy in the server rooms. I wonder what they would think if they knew that there’s people out there that put them on their dicks:D

Yay, shame I already ‘acquired’ 2 though good news for everyone else

Might just have to go & have a gander at my local Bunnings then . :-,

beast - maybe in vic, somebody told me they were available in perth a long time ago. But it seems that them being here is a very recent development. Maybe my call out to high level people at bunnings in another thread did the trick! ;)

sixinchman - I also ‘accquired’ a couple from a generous source a while back. Thanks again if you’re reading! :)
I might just go pick up a few more, could always use a few spares to experiment with ‘horse’ style clamping, or just using more than 2 at the base for extra tight grip…?


I got the largest size cable clamp they had awhile back and I’ve been using it as a cock/ball ring to go behind the balls while clamping. It’s pretty insane to have so many clamps on your cock. Very scary indeed. I probably wont be experimenting with that again till the end of the year.

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Its amazing what them clamps can do.

Thanks for the info secjay. I’m in Perth and am off to my local Bunnings to investigate!

Checked today at bunnings at Tweed Heads and still no cable clamps!

I’m sure that Thunders and MOS together is pretty much responsible for the worldwide demand these clamps have generated in the last few years. If they only knew.

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No Nukes

I can confirm that Bunnings here in Adelaide have them. Took me a while to find them near the electrical section but when I did they had all sorts of colours and sizes.

I was reluctant to ask a staff member where they were for some paranoid reason 8-)

Also made a little modification as soon as I got home with some self adhesive foam rubber stuck to the underside of the clamp. Improves comfort and provides greater pressure without having to close the thing fully. Photo provide if anyone is interested.

Character is doing what is right when nobody is watching....

Can also get em genuine cable clamps in New Zealand, mitre 10 mega in petone :-)

Didn’t see em at the hutt bunnings, didn’t try porirua.

Skippy to you, bud :p

Still have not found them here in North.

North as in Northern Sydney, Queensland or the Northern Territory, wadfile?


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