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Anyone heard of the "roping" effect??

Anyone heard of the "roping" effect??

There’s a website ( that sells a product that supposedly multiplies your orgasms. They call this effect the “ropes”. I was wondering if anyone has tried this or heard anything about it. I’ve been taking Arginine (I also do typical weight training) and I’ve noticed a slight difference in ejaculatory sensation. I’m wondering if their product contains a similar substance. I’m interested in trying this just to see if it’s for real, but I don’t want to be ripped off. Any comments??

If anyone is wondering, a one month supply of their formula is $60.

The only thing that I have heard about the product was in Stuff Magazine in the October 2002 edition. There was a small article on the last page in which a woman said that her husband took “something” that made him multi-orgasmic and made his orgasims more intense therefore making their love-making sessions better. I have not done any other research on the subject but I am thinking about buying the product just to see what it does.

Other than that the only thing I have read was on their website which it claims will make you cum more from the sound of it.

Hope this helps.


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