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Muscle mass effect blood flow

Muscle mass effect blood flow

First of all I would like to say hello to all members of Thunder’s place.

I’ve thought up a question I could never find the answer to.
I know that body weight effects blood flow. Which in term should effect at minimum, Erectile Quality. But would muscle mass also have a similar effect? I lift weights and consider myself at an athletes level of physical fitness. And do not use any supplements, herbs, or steroids in my aerobic and weight training exercises. But would an increase in muscle mass effect length, girth or even erectile quality?

Hi laytex01 And welcome to the forum.

In shsort the answer is, there is no correlation between the two. Some very thin guys have good sized penises, and some well muscled athletes do not. It also works the other way round.

There are differences in families, between brothers even twins.

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I think if you are physically fit and have a good diet then your erections should be very healthy too and should last for quite a while. This is a scientific fact as healthy lifestyle promotes healthy sex life.

Hello laytex01 and everyone else.

I don’t think that muscle mass or body mass matters. It would be more related to blood pressure; I.e. High blood pressure = constricted blood flow, which means the extremities of the body don’t get what they need. I’ve had borderline high blood pressure and suffered from cold feet and hands and less than desirable erectile quality. I have improved that by working out (and taking supplements, to help with weight training) to lower my blood pressure.

I also believe that working out helps with PE by conditioning the entire body. My belief is that by weight training/cardio the body gets conditioned to build and repair itself. I’ve had my best gains during the times I’ve consistently worked out, and also avoided getting sick, even around others that had the flu. Of course a good diet and regular sleep help, too. When the body is healthy everything works better.

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