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Anyone been circumsized later in life?


If you will have any other questions just let me know. As I told you, I read a lot of articles, spoke with doctor and was in touch with some guys who had so called Adult Circumcision… I can share it with you…

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I just have one thing can’t figure out. Does anyone know how to order that T-Tape or other devices or whatever?

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Originally posted by Drone
I just have one thing can't figure out. Does anyone know how to order that T-Tape or other devices or whatever?

Just find directions on how to make a T-tape. Try There should be directions there. If not, try the yahoo group foreskinrestoration3.

T-tape picture book.


You can download a zip file that explains how to make your own t-tape and how to apply it here. There was a guy making and selling them via mail about three years ago, but he shut down and now the only way to get t-tape strips is to make your own.

Hey, thanks. Well, if all I can do is make it now, I guess that makes it even better, I was worried about finding one online. I have one question, if you had the freneulum skin removed, how is the skin supposed to stay over any one area when you are erect? Does restoring my foreskin mean I will just have coverage when flaccid, and then a bunch of skin drooping off my dick when I am erect, or can you actually cover your head when erect?

And just to clear this all up, restoring would give me a better chance of bringing my girl to orgasm from what I hear(because of the gentler sex). Is this true?

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Not everyone restores for full coverage when erect. Those that do find that the skin naturally expands and contracts during erections and doesn’t droop when erect. Even when flaccid, the skin’s natural tendency is to contract, especially in a colder environment. Some men who have completed restoration will use a small tape ring to keep the glans covered when flaccid or may opt for a preputioplasty (small incisions that can tighten the opening a bit) to keep things covered. The skin can still expand with erections. Here’s a FAQ page that might help.

Regarding heterosexual sex and how the foreskin helps, I’ll again recommend Sex As Nature Intended It. The book can be purchased on-line and gives detailed information about this very subject. Many men who have restored report much improved sex for both themselves and their female partners.

Good luck.

Ok, I just read through the site. I don’t need to buy the book now or anything.

Anyway, I can’t start restoring for a year, hope I don’t get too anxious!

If I DID restore, I would consider the incision thing. That must be expensive, but I may be able to pull it off by that time.

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Maybe I’m joining this “friendly” debate a bit late, but I thought I’d weigh in with my two cents.

I’m uncut and would have it NO other way. My parents were going to have me circumsized, but the doctor at the hospital who normally performed the operation was on vacation. The only other physician qualified to do the circumcision would not do so based on religious objections (he was jewish and would not do so on me since I am not). My first lucky break in life.

Everything is more convenient with it being natural. I never need lube for anything. PE is no problem…jelquing, stretching…it’s all good.

I do believe that the majority of women in the U.S. would “prefer” a circumsized man, simply because they don’t know any better. Their fathers were most likely circumsized…as were their brothers and that is what they are used to.

I’ve had no troubles with girls being grossed out. All of my encounters have been great. I know, to each his own and even if it isn’t your own (meaning you were circumsized as a baby and didn’t have a choice) I suppose it doesn’t really matter. However, personally, I wouldn’t have myself circumsized is I was offered a million dollars. No joke. God made me this way…I was born this way…and it’s awesome.


"It's the size that matters, not how you use it..."

I was “cut” at age 46 and I’m sorry to disappoint the doom-sayers …the pain was mild and short lived. Took only 2 of about 20 Tylenol 3’s that I was given for pain.

The bandage was a pain in the ass though …big, puffy wad of cotton gauze and tape …kept slipping off! I usually bleed like a stuck pig but, I guess the surgeon sewed everything up pretty good. I changed the bandage myself (it stayed on longer) and the bleeding was minimal. I was back at work in 3 days.

First spontaneous erections reminded me that I had been circed …but again, the pain was not as bad as I had been told it would be - by those who had it done as kids!

First totally painless, spontaneous erection (as I looked at my newly “bobbed dick”) resulted in a (look ma) no hands ejaculation (which I thought was a very nice finish to the whole thing)

Men often lose some feeling because some doctors don’t take the time to try to leave the area where the majority of nerves are located as intact as possible.

But …if you’re only doing it for looks only - don’t.

My wife has had me both ways - and she has never complained.



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