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Anyone been circumsized later in life?


Anyone been circumsized later in life?

Has anyone here gotten circumsized later in life? I’m currently uncut and was thinking of getting cut for two reasons

1. The look
2. The excess skin is awful for Jelqing, I feel like I’m always working the skin instead of internal structure.

But I’m scared of the operation and would like to know specifics if possible. The idea of getting my dick cut of scares the shit outta me and seems very very painful.

My gains have not been so great from manual techniques so I’m thinking of starting hanging. Lets say I happen to make good gains from hanging, would it be wise to wait on the circumcision until I reach my max length? Or does it matter?

It ican be painful

I had a friend who converted to Judaism by circumcision. He did not look good for about 10 days after and constantly sat around the house in his bloody underwear with his legs apart. It is not pleasant.

I would advise you to do some reading on this before you make any rash decisions. There is mounting evidence that an uncut penis is not only more pleasurable to the man but also to the woman and the reasons for circumcision these days is only for reasons of familiar appearance because Americans have become accustomed to conforming to a procedure and a penis appearance that should never have been introduced in the first place. The appearance of a circumcised penis is NOT “normal.” The appearance of a uncircumcised penis is normal.

We are born with a foreskin for a reason and circumcision is unnatural and was created solely for religious reasons and later introduced in the medical profession for reasons which are now shown to be invalid (one of the reasons was to try and reduce childhood masturbation). I personally have a hunch some religious conspiracy or fanaticism was invovled in this introducing circumcision to the western public and was sold as a medical requirement so that the masses would adopt it.

If you are concerned about aesthetic appearance, a cosmetic touch up surgery might be more in order. I am personally uncut and the aesthetic appearance of my cock has been very pleasing to women but this is likely because I do not have excess foreskin, I have a decent flaccid length, and when erect there is not much excess foreskin left.

And as far as I can tell, Dry Jelqing works BETTER if you have a uncircumcised penis.

Think it over carefully.

hi tricky,

i was circumcised as a teenager because my glans grew faster than the foreskin spraying urine everywhere. it is fairly traumatic, done in a hospital setting and takes several weeks recovery time. am glad, however, that i am circumcised and the sensitivity is a non-issue. this forum makes little mention of the downside of hanging and dry jelquing which is an excess of loose skin on the dick. if i read some PE posts correctly their skin is so loose on even a cut shaft that it doubles over the glans forming a loose foreskin. that certainly has no appeal to me and i do not hang btc for that reason. also attach hanger as close to the head as possible and no dry jelquing.

I would recommend Sex As Nature Intended It — it will answer a lot of your questions about what a foreskin is really for and the damage done to men and men’s ability to perform sexually by removing it.

Thanks for the response guys. Aye I’m aware of the pros and cons, the biggest pro for seems purely for looks. And in todays society that can be a substantial reason. I was looking at some surgey pictures/info and it looks pretty nasty heres a link:

I like the suggestion Shoot made, if the foreskin gets out of hand I could always get it “touched up.” I’ll also try out the dry Jelqing.

Just out of curiosity Shoot you mentioned you don’t have much excess foreskin. How much is “normal” or not excess. For me when I’m flaccid my foreskin almost completely covers the glans. I’m hoping hanging will actually help in this area.

I have not been (was as a newborn) but the experience of a good friend of mine may be helpful. He had this done at age 43. Although he did not particularly enjoy the healing process, he is very pleased with the result and says that sex is as good as at anytime in his life. He did find that his glans was ultra-sensitive for awhile. Once healed, his doctor told him to wear no underwear for a couple of months. He says that worked for him in de-sensitizing his glans just enough, and that he has no regrets about the procedure.

I lived for a time in a moslim country where it was the custom to circumcise boys at about age 12. These events were social gatherings (men, women, kids; food and general enjoyment) during which all adult males were asked at some point to move to another area and witness the circumcision. I have to admit that the first one of these really put me on edge - very bloody and not in santitary conditions - but over time it became clear that the boys being circumcised regarded the experience, their rite of passage, with enormous pride.

There is another discussion of circumcision going on just now in the Mens’ Sexual Health Forum. You might read there, too.



Hey Tricky,

I also recommend dry jelquing, to get in touch with that inner penis of yours. In physical touch that is. Take a grip halfway up the shaft or even closer to the head, pull back to base, taking skin with you and then jelq.

The Circumcision Cult


You may have already found this site: where having a circumcision is joyously praised as the best way to be. Some of those giving “testimonials” sound very cult-like in their enthusiasm for the procedure. Please do good research and know exactly what you’re losing before making this very important decision. Perhaps it’s a bit odd that someone who is restoring his foreskin (or the best replica he can create) should offer you a web site so profoundly pro circumcision, but I’m for fair treatment all around, even if I disagree with you. :)

Get it done man!!!

What’s up?!

I have exactly the same problem. I am 23 years old, not circumcised but willing to get it done ASAP. I was reading about it, consulting the doctor and I made up my mind.

Here is the link to some sites… check it, hope it will help you……n/Circumcision/

Take care and good luck…

Marty Mar

So Marty, are you going to get it done? I’m pretty much in the same boat as you, I’m 23 years old as well etc etc. Thing is I go to school full time and work part time. So I don’t even know if I could have the procedure done at this time because I can’t afford any down time *sigh*. You know I wouldn’t mind it so much but the Jelqing and Manual Stretchs have increased foreskin to a point where I just don’t it anymore hmm. The only worry I have is if I do get circumsized and continue PE (which I definately will) I might just end up restretching my skin again and theres no way I want to get it done twice!

I actually want it back.

OK, one thing I may throw out there is don’t believe everything you read on the internet. There are a vast amount of opinions on this matter and some things that are said are NOT true. I was disappointed that was circumcised without a choice, but realised that if it’s done when you’re a baby, you won’t lose the sensitivity like you MAY at a later age, because of course it becomes more sensitive at a later age.

I am really worried abou something i heard on this matter though. I read somewhere that an uncircumcised man is four times more likely to give a female orgasm. Does anyone know if foreskin actually makes the difference on the orgasm thing? Perhaps the fact that many men are circumcised is responsible for the lack of orgasm from females during intercourse?

Want some candy?

I don’t think it’s possible that being circumcised as a baby would lead to less loss. If anything, being circumcised as an infant would cause signifigantly more loss than as an adult.

I don’t know about women having four times as many orgasms, but they do seem to have more enjoyment based on the article I read. The article was based on a study of women’s enjoyment.

Actually, it’s about 5 times:

The stunning bottom line of the survey is: Women overwhelmingly preferred sex with the natural penis by a margin of 9 to 1. (Considering that these women had significantly more circumcised partners than natural partners, one would think they would prefer the type of penis they were most familiar with, but such was not the case.) Moreover—and this is astonishing—women were almost 5 times likelier to achieve vaginal orgasm when the man had a natural penis.

Study on Female Pleasure from Uncircumcised Men

If those numbers are even close to correct, that’s amazing. By the way, what I think they mean here by “vaginal orgasm” is “orgasm during sexual intercourse.” This has nothing to do with the vaginal vs. clitoral orgasm argument. They’re just trying to qualify their study as referring to orgasms during sex vs. orgasms during oral sex.

I greatly recommend the book they are advertising, by the way. I’ve bought it and started reading it, and there’s a ton of information in there about a woman’s clitoris structure, a man’s penis structure, orgasm response patterns, premature ejaculation, etc. Very detailed and thorough. And I’ve read a lot of books on this sort of stuff, but learned a great deal so far (and haven’t finished reading it).

Originally posted by MDC
I don't think it's possible that being circumcised as a baby would lead to less loss. If anything, being circumcised as an infant would cause signifigantly more loss than as an adult.

I don't know about women having four times as many orgasms, but they do seem to have more enjoyment based on the article I read. The article was based on a study of women's enjoyment.

Well, we HAVE to form theories, and that is one of mine. And if it’s a significant loss in the first place, why evolve, or reproduce? Nature finds ways to cope with things IMO, and being circumcised as a baby would seem better to me because your body has time to decide what it will do to compensate or whatever.

Cutting a bit of foreskin off your dick can’t mean all the difference in the world. Frankly, I can’t trust anything i read. I think the orgasm of a female (and male for that matter) is a lot to do with the brain, not just their nerve endings.

Plus, what really gives here? It’s been done for centuries, not that I agree with it. It’s just that the foreskin is not essential, it’s just supposedly helpful. I still have the restoration in process, but it really ain’t all that big a deal to me. Getting a bigger dick seems to want to be the priority.

Want some candy?


are you nuts? sorry about that, but hearing someone wanting to cut off one of the most precious gift we have! i am so so happy that i am uncircumcised and i thank my parents (well in my head) everyday that i am! your 1st reason was look. thats nuts. its has become illegal (as of 1985) in Canada for a doctor to perform a circumcision on a baby UNLESS both parents fully consent. i don’t know why western culture is so obsessed with this. if you look at the numbers around the world, circumcised men are the MINORITY by far!!! its unbelievable. i remember i was reading an article and in the US it was around 50% of men who are circumcised (formerly 75%!! look how much its dropped and it keeps dropping!!), Canada was around 27%, UK was 1%!! i couldn’t believe it. in Europe all the numbers were below 10%. its only in Canada, the US, and Australia where the numbers are higher than 20%. i think i read this in mens health or some other mens health magazine. but i’ve seen the same figures many other places so the numbers are credible. circumcision numbers are taking a steep down curve. i would never ever have my son circumcised and if the doctor did it without my permission i would strangle him and sue for millions. i don’t know how this practice became so popular but I’m glad its popularity is dropping. so don’t think that because you’re not circumcised doesn’t mean you look normal, because around the rest of the world you are!!

and yes its true, i’ve read the figures before that 9 out of 10 women prefer natural guys. i’ve seen studies where it was as high as 94%. but either way, the foreskin acts as a glide within the vagina and this is much more pleasurable for women (i don’t know why).

uncircumcised men have everything and more than cut men do. we have a head, but we have the option of putting a hood on! foreskin is for protection.

finally, you said it gets in the way of PE? well, i’ve been doing dry jelqing with one hand and had gotten over an inch growth in length and around 0.5 inches in girth. don’t ever worry about foreskin getting in the way.

for more information, go to a search engine (i recommend google) and type in circumcision. you’ll get lots of stuff.

one final note “Don’t fix it if it ain’t broken”

thats my 2 cents


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