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Anybody get erect gains from fowfers?

Anybody get erect gains from fowfers?

I know the tutorials mention that they are intended for increasing flaccid length, but I was wondering if anybody here has ever experienced erect length increases from this exercise.

No, I have not gotten erect gains from fowfers. Mostly flaccid thickening.

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Yes, I had. More than 1”.

Not for me. I got 0.2 in FL and my FG is much thicker from fowfers.

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Nope, can’t say I have. Mostly flaccid length, maybe some flaccid girth.

It’s hard to say as fowfers are not the only thing I do. I do feel that (for me) they give the best results for flaccid hang. Done correctly, and for long enough, I could see how they could produce erect gains.

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