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Another anti-curve thread...

Another anti-curve thread...

So I know I have posted this at the end of a different thread but it wasn’t getting much attention.

I think I am going to try something new myself to get rid of my upward curve… I own Monty’s weights, and what I do is I slide one all the way to the back of my dick, and the other one just behind the glans. I know it sounds bad, but the one at the far back actually serves as a weak clamp and fills my dick with blood. My dick’s not super hard like with a real cable clamp, maybe around 60% erect. Also if anything were to go wrong it is as easy as putting cold water on my dick and my erection subsides, or the water acts sort of like a lubricant, and I can get the weights off. I’ve done it several times throughout my experiences with PE.

The whole thing is that when my dick swells up a bit, I lay my dick over a pencil, ruler, or anything long and thin that I can put my dick over. This way I can sit at my computer while both weights are pulling both the tip and end of my dick towards the ground, while my upward curve is constantly being pushed downward at my leisure. I dont believe that doing this flaccid would help nearly as much as doing it erect or at least partially erect. It seems to work fine, I am thinking about doing it a lot more often, but I would appreciate any comments.

Haha anybody? Just would like to know what anyone thinks be it good or bad. :)

If I’ve understood it properly, I can’t see that constantly having the penis bent downwards would eliminate the upwards curve, as its not going to “do” anything to rectify the “problem”.

Surely you like your upward cuvre, what with the hitting the g-spot and all that?

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Yeah thats a plus I guess, but its not like I know anything different, and I have never given my gf a g-spot orgasm although I think I have gotten close in doggy. Its just that personally I think a straight penis looks better at least, and is just more average in terms of what people expect. For example I have had girlfriends who have asked how it happened and just a bunch of stuff like that, maybe just a little bit less would be better, even though its not a major curve or anything.

Also I get much more of a workout when I use the weights to clamp. I did them the other day with porn and it was just as good if not better than clamps and it really helped with erect bends and just sort of made it easier/better. Even if it doesn’t get rid of a curve I think that I am going to keep doing it because I dont have to use a wrap or anything, and whenever I want to take it off I just put my erection under cold water and it is off in 20 seconds. I never have to worry about any pinching or clamping too light or too loose.

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