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Anal streching


I was just going through Stevie’s favourites and read this one and another “stretching with anal” post - It was the funniest thing I ever read here. I was laughing for at least 30 minutes. Too bad I can’t tell this to anyone I know without uncovering my Pe secret.

Originally Posted by chickenchoker
We have just found the secret to repulse PE from going mainstream.
What female would want to give you a blowjob if she knew you did PE and from what she’s heard about stuffing your dick in your ass all day?


I’m glad I caught this thread before it slipped away!

Laughed my ass of reading this.

Langemann is/was a genius of comedy.


C’mon you guys stop it! lmao..My dick has popped outa my azz three times already from laughing so much!


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