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Anal streching

Originally posted by Sizemeister
Yeah, I get it from hanging out with weirdos on Penis Enlargement boards.

Weirdos? Wierdos??!! That’s mild compared to what people will call us if it gets out that we’re sticking our dicks up our own asses to make them bigger!!

I don’t know what the significance of anal stretching for a guy is. On the other hand, if you really want to perform this act over night maybe you should use a banana, which is cheaper than buying a butt plug. Just my 2 cents.

He does talk about anal stretching not anus stretching. He’s only interested in stretching his dick…not sure if that makes it any less weird.

I think he meant pulling his dick between his legs, sticking it into his crack and sittin’ on it. A flat Kielbasa comes to mind when I think about it. Nicely smoked……YUMMEY!

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Uncut4Big / Mike

That is what i meant, streching my penis out not my ass, do you guys think it would work?

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If you can get it back that far and walk around all day like that let us know how it works out. It would look weird having a huge bulge in the seat of your pants though. It would probably look like you shat yourself.



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Sorry, but no.

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Uncut4Big / Mike

We have just found the secret to repulse PE from going mainstream.

What female would want to give you a blowjob if she knew you did PE and from what she’s heard about stuffing your dick in your ass all day?

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Please go to this thread for more info on anal stretching.

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Re: Anal streching

Originally posted by Jason_Bourne
I was wondering if you stuck you penis up you ass and you left it in there all day What do you guys think. Mainly I want to know if anyone has tried it?


If you want to stick your own dick in your own ass, which in a literal sense would be to go fuck yourself, you have the sincere blessings of the ENTIRE BOARD to be the pioneer in this field.

And thank you for that visual to remember you by.

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I guess this is what they mean when they say someone has their head stuck up their ass.


I AM BACK!!! Let’s do some anal-stuff!

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