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An unusual stretch

An unusual stretch

Has anyone tried stretching the penis out, like in a traditional stretch, then put the other hand behind it, but not quiet touching the hands together, then with the hand closest to the body grasp tightly, and with the other hand just being the glands pull and bend, up, down, side to side? The stress is put directly on the middle of the penis, and thus, and excellent tunica stretch! I think it kicks ass!

You can also move your hands around a little to change the stress points! I know have almost a 7 and 1/2 inch BPFSL length now.. It was 7 inches 2 weeks ago.

Have you had any gain with your BPEL in the same period?

Later F. ___________________________________ "My two cents worth, may only be worth 2 cents!"

Do you use the ‘OK’ sign to grip? Also, how long do you stretch in each postion? How many sets? How many days per week? Sounds like a promissing technique, but I highly doubt tunica gains come this quickly. Your gains are probably the result of lig loosening. Either way, it is still a very impressive gain. You may have figured out a powerful lig stretching technique that is equally effective as the ‘JAI’ stretches.

Well to answer a couple questions here..
1. Yes, I use an overhanded OK grip to grasp behind the glands, just like a traditional stretch, and the hand closest to the body, I make an overhanded grip, but just a little more to the side of the penis, and I use all fingers except the pinkie.. To grip the penis.
2. How long do I stretch in each position.. I try to use traditional time lengths, like 30 seconds for each hold, and I go from one position to another. I never do the same order of positions, well, I won’t say never, but try to exhaust them all after a few sessions before I start again, cause you can bend your unit to any angle!
3. As far as sets, I try to do a couple of them, such as, bending in every direction with the time lengths specified in question 2. And after all the angles have been hit, I do it again, but with slightly different angles, so two sets are what I usually go for, cause after the traditional stretching and all, that’s a whole lot of time!
4. I try my best to shoot for two days on, one off, so whenever I stretch, I include these in my routine. So I guess an average of 4 days per week, since sometimes I go over, and sometimes I go under.

To answer Franga’s question, yes, I went from 6 and 3/4ths BPEL, to 7 BPEL.


is that a new form of the V-Stretch?

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Uncut4Big / Mike

I guess it could fall into that category Uncut, but not entirely! The difference is, your pulling from the stress point..

Ok, do what I said with the hand grips, and you even get a pull from the middle of the penis if you pull straight out! The bending part is just to attack the tissues from different angles, it doesn’t directly attribute to the pressure on the central penis. There is a stress involved on the opposite side of the bend, but the central pressure is result of the pull.

So, I would say, Yes and No, a V-Stretch can be used, but not to define the technique, only to aid in the main force that is this stretch.

Thanks, Starter, for the clearifying that.

Sounds like a good exercise. I assume it’s more for targeting the tissue instead of the ligs directly, correct?

Make it huge....!

Uncut4Big / Mike

I have been using a similar stretch for about two weeks. The only difference is that I use the hand at the base to stretch even further out (stretching straight out). Feels like something is happening in the ligament area around the base. I have yet to measure for gains. I’ll make an excited post if I do. Otherwise, it’ll be back to the drawing board. LOL.

Uncut, yes that is correct, it does target the tissue more, or so it seems.

SS, Actually, I know what your talking about, and I do that same stretch on some occasions, but it is different than the one I just mentioned. You are pulling with the hand closest to the body as well as the out-most hand, this stretch I believe is targeting the ligs like you said, and at the same time relieving pressure around the gland from the out-most hand. A similar set up, but a different stretch.

To add to an early post of mine, if one wants, you can add the pinkie finger in to the excercise, tried it earlier and it is just as effective.

I meant to say glans, instead of gland., sorry, my ten minutes had expired before I had time to correct it.

Originally Posted by Uncut4Big

is that a new form of the V-Stretch?

That’s exactly what came to my mind. V-Stretches have long been around; it’s also akin to a fulcrum stretch, sort of. I get the meanest stretch in my tunica by using a fulcrum….

(1) Pull your penis straight out in front of you with one hand, then…
(2) Form a “brace” atop your penis with the other hand (near the base),
(3) Pull the penis straight up, parallel to the body, pulling with the one hand while pushing down with the other hand….

Vary the fulcrum positioning as well - sometimes right at the base, then slide it up 0.5” or so for the next set. Then another 1/2” or so, doing this until your fulcrum is at mid length.

To clarify, the way I’ve always done this stretch is to get an overhand okay grip — where the thumb is on the underside — on the shaft of the penis somewhere below the glans. Then I do a underhand okay grip — where the thumb is on top - around the base of the dick. Then, while gripping tightly, I turn the hand that’s on the shaft down, stretching the topside of my dick. It’s cool because the thumb on the underside of the shaft and the index finger on the underside of the base form a sort of hinge, with the thumb sort of rolling around the finger. You just have to try it to understand I guess. But if the hand around the shaft is gripped close enough to the base and tightly enough, this is actually a good stretch for the ligs. It hits the tunica more as you grip further up towards the glans. This stretch can be done while standing at the urinal if there’s no one around, and it’s easy to ungrip if someone walks in.

Thanks for the information Starter

Later F. ___________________________________ "My two cents worth, may only be worth 2 cents!"


I used to do something similar to this to stretch the skin, the overhand glans grip pulled at medium force more to keep the penis straight than anything else, with the mid grip fairly loose pulling back to exert light stress on the skin. For me this was to stretch the skin where I wanted it stretched rather than at the base.

I don’t remember ever managing to create a mid grip that would do anything other than stretch the skin when pulled back.

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