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An end to shaving?


An end to shaving?

Ok, i’m not sure if this is allowed and I assume it’ll be corrected if not but I found a fairly cool device reading through Mens health (Uk edition) today.

This device claims to use radio-frequency to weaken hair follicles and permantly remove them.I don’t know about you guys but it’s certainly pissing me off having to shave the base so frequently and plucking is too time consuming and sore for that matter.

I reckon it’d be pretty sweet to have your dick nice and smooth all the time and not feel like basically a bit of a bitch when your girl sees all the stubbly regrowth.

Have a search for the Emjoi 4 men permenant hair remover on this site

Waxing and electrolisis does pretty much the same thing.


What ever you do, DO NOT, repeat DO NOT USE NAIR or other hair removal lotions. Bad BURN potential, bad bad bad.

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Anyone tried one of these puppies? Do They Work? ‘d really like to find a product that works. Since starting PE, my hair now goes halfway up my shaft. I wish my gains were as long as the gains in shaft that are now covered in hair!

What works? (permanent hair loss) Anyone?


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Wow, if it actually worked I’d buy it for sure. Get rid of that shaft hair. I wonder it you could use it on your sac?!

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I tried one, it made no difference at all. I also tried it on some finer hair on my arm, also with no effect.

Originally posted by sunshinekid
Waxing and electrolisis does pretty much the same thing.


What ever you do, DO NOT, repeat DO NOT USE NAIR or other hair removal lotions. Bad BURN potential, bad bad bad.

Sunshine Kid,

There is now Nair for Men. This may be a little off topic, but have considered it to get rid of some back hair. Does this stuff really burn? I would never use it down THERE, but how about the rest of the body?


Nair burns my skin, but a great product is called Magic shaving powder. It comes in a old can that can be bought at wal-mart type stores. I got mine at a rite-aid. Anyways its for black men to use instead of shaving their faces due to ingrown hairs.

I tried this stuff out and it worked awesome. Mix with water until you get a paste. Spread on hair with a butter knife. Sit for 10 mins, then scrape off with butter knife. Its a really clean shave. Try it out.

Warning, this stuff smells like rotton eggs.

I reckon this waxing thing is effective alright, but I’m gonna get one of these things anyway……

I’ll spend at least 50 euros on wax and stuff over the next few months so I might as well try it coz even if it doesn’t work on the tough hairs on my isacc hayes (shaft) it’ll still probably do for getting rid of the eyebrow stuff and sorting out my hairy big toes for the summer.

I’ll let you know how I get on…..

Black and White,

Yes, Nair will burn anywhere! I have used it once, the chemical burns were enough to make me stay away, and I used it on my legs and in the armpits.

I now wax.

sunny A day without sunshine is like a day without laughter :sun:

If your hair’s dark enough, look into laser hair reduction. That’s permanent and cheaper than waxing in the long run.

My wife had her underarms and full bikini done yesterday(1st treatment). She will almost certainly need multiple treatments before it’s nearly all gone, but well worth every penny. Other than eyelashes, there’s no part of the body they can’t do safely(provided the operator knows what they are doing).

SunshineKid and MDC,

Thanks for the input. As my hair is dark enough, will consider laser removal. A little pricey, but you get what you pay for I suppose.


Save your money, I bought an earlier Emjoi RF device and it was pathetic.

I ended up getting electrolysis, still some to go yet.
If you are only doing the shaft, then it’s cost effective.
The sac starts to blow the costs out, and the crack, side bikini etc
I’d say see if you’re suitable for laser.

Check out the forum at and
for a summary of removal methods.

I’ve been plucking (tweazing) for maybe a year. I don’t find it that difficult or inconvenient. I spend only 40 mins. - 1 hr. every other week or so to pull about 300+ hairs. I have no irritation afterward and much prefer it over shaving, which I would not do anyway. Too much risk of nicks and it isn’t as thorough as tweazing.

I think waxing creates too much trauma to the skin and causes irritation. I waxed the first time to clear most of the hair, but I wouldn’t want to do that over and over. Besides, you have to let the hair grow back a certain amount for waxing to work. I pluck again when the regrowth is only 1/8 or 1/16 of an inch, so it isn’t that objectionable for very long.

I also have been plucking for ???years and now there are only a few very fine hairs that seem to grow.It takes 5 minuets every week.Looks good,feels good and I would have it no other way

I’m a fan of plucking, but it sucks when you have blonde hairs that you want to get rid of. I started doing my scrotum and penis base about 18 years ago when I was around 17. I’ve maintained it most of the time since then, and have seen some reduction in the numbers of hair, but nothing worth claiming success over.

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