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An attempt to model LOT


For a more recent and I think better model of LOT, check out the LOT Simulator. For my take on what the simulator says about LOT Theory, see this thread.

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Originally Posted by ModestoMan
Second, it appears that erect length can only be increased by stretching the tunica and fascia (or, to say it more accurately, by stretching the body of the penis itself). It seems from the model that stretching the suspensory ligament will only affect the amount of penis revealed below your LOT. Above your LOT, your ligs are out of the picture (lax) and do not limit your length. At least on the surface, this suggests that downward vertical hanging may not be as effective as hanging at higher angles, for maximizing erect length.

So it is not possible to lengthen your penis by lig work, for example btc hanging?
Can somebody explain me, why my penis is longer when I’m working on my ligs. I have problem to imagine this.
I do not understand that my penis is longer when I stretch or cut the ligs?
I think only the shaft will hang lower, but how does it come, that guys reported erect length gains?
I know and almost can understand how you can lengthen your penis by tunica work. This makes sense, because you are stretching the whole shaft.

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Way-2-Go Simon! This thread’s so old you had to find it with the search feature.

I know what you’re asking and I know the answer but I really can’t think of a way to explain it…except to say it’s like lowering a drawbridge. I am sure someone can do much better!


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