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An Abrupt Size Loss

Originally Posted by SmallWonder


I think a lot of it has to do with the method of enlargement. I have heard of people losing their gains if their only method of enlargement was jelqing or pumping. I have yet to read about people losing substantial gains from stretching/hanging/traction based elongation. I believe the mechanism of enlargement to be different with this form of exercise, and more permanent.

Originally Posted by JerseyDevil80
Hey SmallWonder, not to take the thread off topic but do you know any more details of your friends PE training, like how long would his jelq sessions last, if he took any rest days, did any other exercises like stretching etc. Thanks

I asked my friend and his routine was as follows: He used to jelq everyday, fully erect, about 20 minutes a day, 1-2 times a day. When he was jelqing, he did it everyday. I asked him how he could jelq fully erect because I’ve read several posts cautioning against it, his dick is insensitive and he wouldn’t squeeze til it hurt but he would squeeze hard. That’s his exact routine, hope that’s helpful.


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