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AMAZING PE Side Effect!!!

AMAZING PE Side Effect!!!

OK, here is the deal. I have been PEing since 8/24/01. By 3/2/02 I had gained 3/4” ELNBP and 3/8” EG and my average FL is up more than 1 inch and FG is up an average of 3/4”. I have since been at a plateau but am very pleased to be BIGGER :D

Now, I had 2 new dates scheduled for this past week so I stopped PEing and masterbating 3 days before the first. Other than letting me suck one nipple there was no sex. The second date was much BETTER…

Now, let me say that I am 41 years old, in very good shape and healthy. Nevertheless, my usual effort is 1 or maybe 2 times. Also, last month I took 1/2 a viagra before sex and went 3 times (kinda dissapointed actually). But I had masterbated the last 3 days prior and done PE.

So, the AMAZING part to me was, after a 5 day hiatus from MB and PE… from 10pm Friday night to 10pm Sunday evening (dang good date!!!) I racked up 6 intercourse sessions lasting an average of over 10 minutes each (if you think that is short you aren’t timing yourself realistically) THEN over the next 24 hours (did I say GOOD date!!!) I had ANOTHER SEVEN SHOTS!!! I even cramped my stomach and bruised and abraised both knees!!! Tough work but you know… :D Now, not everytime was with a 100% erection but neither of us were complaining. Heck, she was practically begging me to stay (how could I not!)

This woman was amazed (so AM I) and this was WITHOUT viagra and WITH alcohol (a know erection killer)… It was also VERY enjoyable to watch her have so freakin many orgasms, her best one was seemingly not going to stop! Her body went into uncontrolable waves of tremors while she alternately panted and laughed and panted… this lasted at least 5 FULL minutes. Unbelievable. I have never seen this happen before and neither had SHE!!! And all this from a guy who has had an inferiority complex about his dick size my entire PE life. I am now VERY comfortable with a woman looking at and playing with my dick whether flacid or erect. YEEEE HAAAA.

Anyway, just had to share my (and HER) all time BEST sex EVER! Thank GOD for PE


I love to hear PE success stories!!! That’s great!

"Building a weapon of mass destruction" Started: 5.81" x 3.88" Now: 8.5" x 5.0" Goal: 9" x 6"

NotEnough, mate I think you should change your name to ‘MoreThanEnough’ lol…

congratulations. Hope you do well with/to her. :D

Awesome man, you are more than twice my age and scoring more than me!

It's still not big enough!



Way to go,

I got some wood just reading your post. Was she older or young than you?

I’ve also noticed the ability to recover from sex has gotten much faster since I started pe. The sensation is also better, as are the orgasms. Cool story man, it looks like you have the recovery ability of a 16 year old:) Have fun with it and good luck PEing!

Great Story! I’m 47 and since I started PEing in Feb., I have been hornier than I was at 20. The wife and I do it much more often. I initiate the majority of the times, however, I am looking forward to the possibility that , as I add a couple more inches, she will become the initiator. Bigger told me that he never initiates anymore, his wife just craves the Big Unit. Congrats on your performance. Since no one else has taken the initiative, I hearby change your name to “Studenough”.

Good going!!!


Jelktoid :trash: More meat for the money!


I have commented as well about this happy side effect.

Although wifey does initiate more, most commonly we read each other so well that before long we are doing it and I don’t think we could say who initiated half the time, it seems like a tie. but overall I still do initiate more often than she, but here it is: there is NO RESISTANCE any more, she seems willing any time I am.

No more of feeling as though I am inducing her to perform a chore. In short sex now is like I have always thought it should be - each one desiring the other EQUALLY. Not one mostly doing all the chasing and the other “going along”.

Check it out guys, no need to have a big dick if you ain't gonna use it!!


Thanks for the responses. I was not sure I should make such a provocative post but, HEY, isn’t this the MAIN reason for PE???!!!

Anyway, I thought I would add that I have a bruised pubic bone from all that clitoral grinding! :D So, bruise pubic bone, bruised and abraised knees, sore stomach from “working” through the cramping (hehehe) actually it was nearly a deal killer… but… somehow… :D Sex injury has never been more WORTH it!

Oh yeah, on my stats, I have noticed that if I just push the ruler to the pubic bone there is only about 1/2” of difference between ELBP and NBP. If I press the ruler to the “bone” tightly along the top of the shaft I can get slightly OVER 1”… Basically ALL my life I had measured BP to the pubic bone and considered it NBP. I just would not face the fact that my penis was less than 5” long NBP. When I did my initial measureing I did a “deeper” BP and got 5.75” and assumed 5.25” as NBP. Truth was 4.75”. Now, I am 5.5” NBP, 6.0 PBP (pubic bone pressed) and 6.625” DBP (deep bone pressed) or possibly deep tendon pressed as you could theoretically (do not try at home) press a knife in all the way to the anus! My point is that I had ALWAYS measured longer than truth. I would argue that the great majority of men either concioulsy or unconciously add .25” or more to their NBP measurements reported to the various penis size surveys. Something to consider regarding the TRUE average penis size. Good topic for another measuring thread.

Anyway, I have actually encountered a woman that could NOT take my entire penis!!! (who-aaaah) and this last lady I could clearly feel the back of her vagina :D :D … so the extra .75” is really making an… um… impact!!!

Ledzep, she just turned 34 and is definitely horny. She is actually a good girl, has a young daughter and is on birth control for menstrual control. She was happy to “finally take advantage of using the pill”.

Everyone, thanks for the suggested forum name updates. For me, it will be 7”NBP x 5.5” girth before NotEnough becomes Enough! Currently 5.5”NBP x 4.75” EG and guilty of creating (multiple) vaginal orgasms!!!


>>Truth was 4.75”. Now, I am 5.5” NBP, 6.0 PBP (pubic bone pressed) and 6.625” DBP (deep bone pressed) or possibly deep tendon pressed as you could theoretically (do not try at home) press a knife in all the way to the anus!>>

If the end of the ruler is above the base of the shaft, your TRUE bone pressed measurement is 6.625 (the designations you use are completely your own invention near as I can tell). The whole point of bone pressed measurement is to sink the end of the ruler all the way in to the bone where it will hit a dead end, a reliable fixed point from which to measure. the proble m with your PBP measurement is that it is dependant on your remembering PRECISELY how much pressure to put each time without there being any variation or incremental increase (ruler creep).

Check it out guys, no need to have a big dick if you ain't gonna use it!!


I loved your comment to Jelktoid. It was ripe, ripe, ripe!! In a good way.

I am so happy for you that you and the wife have that type of sex life. I, too, believe that to be the ultimate level between a couple in regards to sex.

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