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Alternative methods for penis growth

Alternative methods for penis growth

I don’t know if this has been posted before. I think I saw someone mentioning it before, but I was wondering if you can use those devices that are used for muscle growth(I.e something like abtronic/abtonic ;p) for penis growth aswell.

They actually stimulate blood circulation; so wouldn’t they work for penis growth?

Also lasers should work I think, like the ones for hair growth, I.e Biotron
Which stimulates microcirculation? Or just a 650nm 5mw laser, used in those laser pointers and in Lasercomb.

Sorry if the post is confusing, I’m just asking if anyone did some research on it, or otherwise your opinions on the matter.


Using a laser to make your penis grow? Like a penis growing ray? That was my idea months ago! :chuckle: Except the ray came from aliens who brought PE to the planet.


:flame: "If you build it, they will cum."

Redwood\'s Progress Report/Routines Thread.

I’ve heard of such things and I definetly think it COULD work. I haven’t done any research on it but there’s few reasons it shouldn’t. Definetly something to experiment with.

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The Abtronic is a fraud.

Some guys have hooked electrodes up to their penis, but not me.

The bioptron is not a laser. Doesn’t seem to be advertised for home use either.

A laser for stimulating hair growth? Do you really want a hairy penis?

It stimulates hair growth because it allows more blood to flow, or opens up the vessels, I think.

Biotron is not a laser, it’s something else. But I gave it as an example of an alternative method as it increases microcirculation

I know the Abtronic is a fraud ;p

Thanks westla, I didnt know what to put in the search

Light Therapy has excellent medical value. There are many reputable studies concluding that certain wavelengths of light have a measurable Bio-stimulating quality. I for one, believe there are strong scientific grounds, that this could be a useful tool to assist healing processes in soft tissue. Therefore why not in PE. By the way the Swiss are known for their fastidious research, efficacy of product manufacture. Certainly this vendor would have my initial confidence to probe further - I never throw caution to the wind though!

May I add, that specific light treatment of ligaments/ tendons can give rise to ideal pre-conditioning of the tissue for purposes of further physiotherapy. Light therapy is one to watch for - it is gaining momentum. In horse racing, where the stakes are high, light therapy has been used as another pioneering or so called “edge” approach to optimise tendon/ ligament performance.


I have the Lasercomb and I’m not sure whether I’d like a hairier dick!

Besides, an IR lamp works just as well at stimulating blood circulation.

subline how well does it work on your hairline?

Originally Posted by New2This

subline how well does it work on your hairline?

So far no new hair, but there is a huge 9X7 penis on is forehead now. :chuckle:

:flame: "If you build it, they will cum."

Redwood\'s Progress Report/Routines Thread.


Redwood I’m LMFAO! That was hysterical.

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