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Alternative approaches

Alternative approaches

I have been informed by people in the past, that having sex for half an hour to an hour a day, everyday, will eventually make your dick bigger.

Then I found a site that promotes this method also. It also sayed that the same results can be attained by masturbation.

So long as you don’t miss a single day, the results will come in a few months. It is called the ballooning method.

Does anyone know whether this is possible?

I have also heard about women being able to enlarge their breast size, by taking a special class that teaches them to relax and focus on using their mind to force extra blood into the breasts, which after a month or so, increases their bust size.

I am wonder if this approach could also be used on the penis.

I have taken time to sit, relax and focus on my penis smelling with extra blood flow. I couldn’t believe the affect! My penis started to throb at every heart beat pulse. It remained totally flacid, but throbbed with extra blood pressure. I would sit there, keeping this affect going for many minutes and after it all, it would stay slightly bigger for a while.

I haven’t yet attemped to do this on a regular basis, but It might work if done regularly.

Even if it were not possible to get results from this method, I’m sure it will increase circulation and recovery. Possibly even speed up gains from our jelqing.

What do you think? Jelqing works. These methods might also work.

Penis Atrophy

The answer is yes …. and no. It’s unlikely that having sex/masturbating for half an hour every day will actually *increase* the size of the penis beyond it’s inherent potential however it may combat and reverse the effects of penis atrophy to give the illusion of growth. In other words, if the penis is unhealthy, the extra regular workout’s may make it healthy again and bring it back to it’s full potential size. This is why we often see “easy gains” in the initial stages of a PE regime - the penis simply becomes healthier and regains it’s full potential. From what we know, “real” gains, those gains above maximum potential, can really only be achieved by stressing the penis beyond this barrier. Sex or masturbating is unlikely to do this.

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Yeah i’ve been meaning to ask about re-claiming what we once had when i started pe i was surprised that i was an inch shorter than when my girlfriend in highschool measured me which is the last time i had measured, i’d been coming up short all these years and didn’t even know it, i guess all those girls weren’t just lesbians afterall. anyways after 2mos still have 1/4 to get back to were i was, but i’m still happy with the results. by the way whats the name of that site although i’ve been experimenting for about 18yrs with the masturbation method with only an inch lost to show, i refuse to give up! but i would also like to look at the site with my wife maybe i can sell her on the sex idea!

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