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Alternative warm updown due to privacy issues

Alternative warm updown due to privacy issues

Hey guys, I’m having some trouble regarding the warm up/downs,because in my current house and situation warming towels, or using hot water in bath is kind of undo able due to privacy restrictions, so I would like to know from you guys, are there any alternative warming methods?, given that the objective is preparing the ligaments,etc,would edging be an option?,anyways,thanks you for your opinion

What warm up do you use currently?

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Yeah I’m trying to warm in the shower with hot water through the massager(I believe that’s the name),given that using a wrap I s very difficult, the problem is the time I would spend in bath would get up to 45 min after a complete routine, that’s why I thought of other ways you know, maybe fowfers,anyways.

You can’t get privacy in the shower? Assuming you can, very direct spray, nice and hot, for a few minutes.

Fowfers aren’t a warmup method.

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I put a sock over the shower head to concentrate the water and hold “myself” under the water cupping my hands around my penis to submerge it . This also allows you to use hotter water.

Two maybe three mins for warm up at the end of a shower then jump out and do your routine. Maybe leave the cold water on while you get out and do exercises if privacy is an issue.

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