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After work out

After work out

Do you have to see gains after a work out when you have a hard erection even if it’s only temporary to know if you had a good work out?

Because sometimes it seems bigger and sometimes the same.


Yes. My BPFSL usually budges about 1/8” to 3/16” after a good workout. When this happens I like to throw a cockring on and just sit around for 15-30 minutes with a rock hard erection. Sometimes, but not always, my BPEL is a bit larger after workouts. Sometimes.

After a pump session your after workout erection is always larger, but that doesn’t mean you have made those gains permanent. It is the same with other PE exercises to. The gains you experience in the short term are not permanent, but a good harbinger of things to come. Actual growth works on a microscopic level, so time and consistency is what is most important to your long term result.

It’s best to wait a few days after a workout to measure. After a workout the measurement can be somewhat inflated. Nevertheless, it could possibly add motivation.

my flaccid goes from around 5” to around 7” after a good jelq section.

I wouldn’t worry as much about measurements as fatigue. Even if you did get a temporary gain you may be momentarily too fatigued to fully appreciate the gains you got. I know this happened to me many a times when I first started hanging. However this may not be a good thing? In that case; bad Tom, bad!


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