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After over three years of gainless PE, im quitting

After over three years of gainless PE, im quitting

Quitting the no gainers club that is! Hehe sorry, just getting your attention.

This is the story. About two weeks or so ago I noticed a 1/4 inch gain, but I though I would wait a week before announcing it to make sure it was a true gain. Then, I measured soon after and it was gone, but I was concerned that perhaps my erection wasnt quite up to scratch (ive had problems with ED for a while) , so I decided to get some viagra. Well it arrived this morning, and I took 50mg to test if the gain was truly there or not (In the meantime I was working hard, ive actually had only one day off from hanging since trying to get the loss back).

So I bring up my Avril Lavigne pics and get a full erection. I looked at it and thought that it looked the same as always, but I measured and it was nearly half an inch bigger!!! From 7”BP at the last measurement, to nearly 7.5”BP today. Cool!

So while I was worried that the gain was not there at all, I had in fact gained an extra 1/4 inch. Pretty neat, but I am sure that the new gain is not cemented yet. If I measure later and the new 1/4 inch is not there I wont be too worried, because I know that I can get it back with hard work, because I have done it before.

A question - has anyone had a gain but thought that they looked the same size as before? I thought that a half inch gain would be well noticable, but only the ruler could tell me it was there (yes I measure the same way every time before you ask).

Anyway, I expect at least 200 replies of congratulations, since it has been three years and four months of PE before I noticed my first gain. If any member doesnt reply, I will edit all their posts to make it look like they said stupid stuff. Well maybe not, but do it anyway.


Congrats man…you deserve it!

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Congratulations SS4Jelq! I’m real happy you gained something. Tell me, when you look in the mirror does your penis look a bit bigger?

p.s. Thanks again for spending your time and giving me your advice

Congrats SS4,

I have been on a plateau of about a year and a half so I am hoping I can have something to report soon. How did you achieve this, is your routine somewhere? Did you try something new?


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Man.. I echo exactly what Thunder said. My face went :eek2: when I saw the title. Feels pretty good huh? Especially knowing you worked so hard for it. Congrats on leaving the No Gainers club. :)

"It doesn't matter where you start, it only matters where you end up."

Yup, got me too. Good to know you are following Claire Short’s example.

You have some staying power. I couldn’t have done this for 3 years and still been here to get the 1/4” gain.

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You’ve gotta be kidding me????? Avril Lavigne gets you hard???


You scared me too. What a relief!

>A question - has anyone had a gain but thought that they looked the same size as before?

Yes, or even smaller. Your mind can try to fool you, but the ruler doesn’t lie.

Congrats man! 3 years with no gain? Now that is what I call perseverance!


You didn’t scare me. That’s cause you already told me. heh. Anyway, this has got to top when Phat and Dance finally got some gains. I was just a little worried that you might be one of the “no gainers”.

If anybody deserves this, it is you. The important thing for everyone to know is this; the gains have been a long time coming, and you have perservered. But more than that, you have never failed to help another guy when you had the opportunity.

I am afraid I am not the kind of person that could go that long with no success, and continue to help people in spite of it.

I truly enjoy the guys that report multiple inch gains, but none will ever be as sweet as this report.

You are a gem.



And now, every few months, we want to see a similar report. Go for it!




Shit I quit a great A -stretch to post this…

I still remember an appreciate all your help with my supplement routine back on the other board.

Way to go and keep it going .


Way to go SS4; You are now the next poster candidate to show that committment and persistance will always pay off in the long run. Cheers to you Bro. Here’s to another three inches in the next three years!!!!!

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