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size 4 years after stopping pe

size 4 years after stopping pe

I did some pe 1998-1999, then stopped (since then, I only do a slight stretch after urination).

As updated on the pe data page:
(see link “Size’s PE Data Site” at the bottom of this page)
I have maintained my gains.
Note: I have intercourse almost every day, which may or may not be relevant.



This should be good news to guys who leave the program.

Frequent sex is probably very relevant to your having kept your gains.

A physiological result of ejaculating is an increase in the frequency and duration of nocturnal erections during the following sleep period. Nocturnal erections are very often larger than sexual ones by various degrees because they result through different neural pathways than do sexual erections. Result is, you are getting very good and consistant “passive” workouts while you sleep.

It’s for this reason that I don’t hold at all to the theory that ejaculating is a negative influence on gains while on a PE program.




My reason for posting was exactly to let fellow pe-ers know that pe gains can be maintained without continuing pe (at least in my case).

I suspect that intercourse in particular is more likely than other kinds of sex to maintain optimal blood flow, and perhaps — by extension — gains.


Congratulations my friend, and I take this as good news for all PE’r.

Just curious, Exact, what types of PE exercises did you do? How much did you gain?

Thank you.

To answer your questions:

Summarizing the results of both routine and measurement, I list only starting size (October 1998), “ending” size (April 1999), and current size (March 2003).

The routine was varied, and included 50-400 milking/jelqs per day during the active pe period, plus light hanging for the first month (2-3 pounds, 15-30 minutes), then hand strecthing for 15-30 min/day for the next 5 months. Since the end of the active period, I have only done kegels (which I did long before I ever heard of pe), and a single tug each time I urinate or shower.

All values in inches (multiply by 2.54 for cm).

Erect Length -Bone Pressed
start 7.0
end 7.7
now 7.75

Erect Length -NOT Bone Pressed
(subtract 0.5 inches from above at all measurement times)

Erect Circumference (middle/base)
start 5.0/5.5
end 5.3/5.75
now 5.4/5.75

(NOTE: all flaccid lengths are “typical”, neither when cold nor excited nor right after pe not right after removing clothes)

Flaccid Length - horizontal
start 4.0
end 4.5
now 4.5

Flaccid Length - hang
start 4.4
end 5.0
now 5.1

Flaccid Circumference (middle/base)
start 4.3/4.4
end 4.6/4.8
now 4.6/4.8

Wow, talk about comprehensive (exact, should I say?).

I find it interesting that you seemed to have gained since the end of your PE in erect size. Maybe it has something to do with your daily intercourse?

Congratulations again on your gains, and I wish good luck to you in the future.

Exact, you have brought so much relief with your post. I love to hear of men who have stappled their gains and come around to talk about it. I always have that dreaded fear that I’ll shrink your post gave me much comfort…THANKS


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Cool. You kept gains made from only 6 months of PE. I’m surprised your new size fully cemented in such a short time.

Thanks for posting.

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Exact indeed. As much as I would like to beleive there was additional post-pe growth, the seeming post-pe gains could conservatively be attributed to day-to-day fluctuation (or perhaps my losing 4 pounds?). But I do think that intercourse (as opposed to other sex) has special benefits (all the more so with a beautiful, loving woman).


You are welcome. I am glad it is good news, but I would also have posted if the results were not good.


Cool it was and is (I do consider it an accomplishment). Although I have read of others who took much longer, six months seemed a long time to me.
Good that it was not a sisyphean task (nice gif you have).



Thanks for posting, very happy to hear about keeping gains.



Thanks for posting. Its great to have input from guys who’ve PE’d and then stopped.

Are there any other effects you’ve notice post PE? I’m thinking in terms of length of time discoloration took to fade, erections without a kegel routine. That kind of thing.

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Hey Exact,
Enlightening and reassuring post with precision data….thus the nickname “exact”…I guess.

I’m brand spanking new on this forum and after reading your post, it almost makes me feel like a bad guy :) with my thread on pe losses after 16 years inactivity…

However, it does contribute to the notion that some activity whether it be in the form of daily sexual intercourse,masturbation,light stretching could be enough to prevent long term losses to some degree.

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memento ,

I never had major discoloration. I did kegels long before I ever heard of pe, and still do them at times.


As I implied above, I think it is frequent intercourse, Not masturbation which is of benefit.

hey thats cool….I would rather get the satisfaction of knowing Im retaining my gains through consistent intercourse as opposed to masturbation…anyone care to differ on that!!! :)

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