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A question about shaft skin

A question about shaft skin

For some reason, and as long as I can remember, my shaft skin is completely detached from my penis. I don’t know how or even if its normal but it has. Is there a cure for this? Anyone know what happened medically speaking?

I’m thinking about doing manual stretch exercises, any exercise suggestions?

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What exactly do you mean detached? My shaft skin (and I believe most people’s) moves fairly easily over the “inner penis,” making exercises like dry jelqs possible. What makes you think that yours is any different than other people’s skin? Care to elaborate on what you mean by detached?

Originally Posted by Gambit
For some reason, and as long as i can remember, my shaftskin is completely detached from my penis. I dont know how or even if its normal but it has. Is there a cure for this? Anyone know what happened medically speaking?

I’m thinking about doing manual stretch exercises, any exercise suggestions?

Huh? That is a very vague question!

Shaft skin is detached from your penis ? Are you saying your skin is cut near the shaft ?

:shrug: Little more detailed info please - heck maybe throw a pic in the pics section. Guaranteed your problem would be diagnosed and what your options for correcting it are.

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What i mean by detached is the skin freely moves around, as in if i REALLY wanted to i could move my nut sack skin onto the upper 1/3 of my penis. I dont think this is normal mainly because while I have had growth length wise, my skin covering the penis(i’m circumcised) has not growth with it.

ATM i’m simply just stretching the skin manually for 1/2 a hour and then apply copper peptides + emu oil. I’ve been looking for a device or some taping instructions that would allow constant stretch all day but no luck.

That’s a lot of loose skin. Your balls going 1/3 of the way up your penis :O. You can almost give yourself a smaller length at will. ;)

Hi, gambit, I think what you describe is normal. Personnaly I am uncut, so my foreskin can move even more freely. I can put my whole flacid back into my fat pad by pushing it, leaving just a lot of foreskin out ( or am I just a freak too ? ;) ).

For the stretching you talk about, do a search with foreskin restoration, if I understood well what you want.

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If you’ve had no appreciable skin growth then your doing good. I wouldn’t worry about the loose skin it won’t effect anything. What it might sound like your describing is “turkey neck”. Some guys have skin running from their scrotum and hanging for very long distance under the shaft almost to the glans making it look like your penis has a waddle of sorts is that what you mean? If so then what you can do is go to a Doctor and have it trimmed back to look more normal. All in all there is no big negative about the condition.

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Hey Gambit,

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I dont think this is normal.

The best thing i can think of is, imagine how your foreskin moves (if your uncut)freely when you jack off, now picture the skin thats covering your shaft, not your foreskin, moving around just like that. My last girlfriend though that was my foreskin because it moved around so much.

One sideeffect of this that I’m worried about is the potential disturbance to the temperature regulating thing for your nuts.

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