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Not really a newbie but got a question on dead skin I think

Not really a newbie but got a question on dead skin I think

Hi everyone I’m not really a newbie as such iv been on and off for 2-3 years,different routines but not really constant due to personal reasons,I was a member about a year ago but haven’t been on again till today.anyway sorry to get back tracked,I’m uncut and like a number of guys when I was about 12-13 my foreskin broke away from my head,it’s the kinda line that runs down the back of the shaft(can’t remember what it’s called)anyway iv been left with a 3 little raised dots of skin,it just looks like dead skin to me?does anyone know what I can do about them?can they be rubbed off with one of those dead skin removing stones that women use on there feet?thanks in advance.


Please check out the Forum Guidelines concerning spelling, puntuation etc.

Concerning the three dots I have no idea.

regards, mgus

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