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A New Forum?

A New Forum?

Not that I have a pump, but it seems like some of you guys love pumping and how it works with PE. I know others believe that pumping is full of hot air and bullshit, but I think it would serve us well to have a specialty forum like the hanging page. What do you guys think? Any pumpers interested in doing so? TT

I have no problem making a Pumping Forum. Piece of cake to do one. If fact Uncut asked me to make one when we first opened this place up and I said there wasn’t enough pumpers to make it worth while. You guys want one, let me know. Course it will need a pumping moderator or two with the firm intention of not letting it turn into a “Newart type” forum.

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Sounds great


I don’t have the experience to be a moderator but I would like to see a forum. I pumped for about 3 mo. It feels great and I had some powerful orgasms in the tube but I gained nothing. I know Dance and Phat have some pumping under their belts and they are both proven moderators.



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