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A Few Questions For The Senior Members

A Few Questions For The Senior Members

1. What is the difference between elasticity and plasticity? I’ve heard both of these terms used.

2. Is it better to squeeze top and bottom (because of the veins) or side to side (because of the corpora cavernosa) when jelqing?

3. How long did it take for you to notice a real change in your penis?

4. How can you tell your over training? I’m afraid of creating scar tissue that with prevent growth!

I’ll do my best:

1) Elasticity = can change shape but snaps back to original when force is removed. Plasticity = can change shape and stays in the new shape when force is removed.

2) Side to side is generally recommended due to nerves running along the top, but some would say to try to keep pressure on the underside otherwise the CS chamber won’t receive any stimulus.

3) This varies from person to person but I believe in the range of a few weeks you’ll feel bigger and within a few months should give a newbie noticable increase in size.

4) Read the article in the articles forum about physiologic indicators, that will give you a pretty good detailed view, but in general extreme soreness, excessive red spotting, difficulty with erections or strong drop in sensitivity are all bad things.

So does a person change from elasticity to plasticity at a certain point or what? How does that work for PE?

My opinion, in PE, elasticity has to do with the stretching ability of the penis (tunica and ligs) whereas placticity has to do with the tunica changing under stress (girth exercises). So when you hear plastic deformation of the tunica, it means passing the maximum size that the tunica can achieve under normal circumstances to achieve growth. And elasticity, how well or long a penis responds to a stretch.

For jelqing, sqeezing or any other girth exercise, it is better to give even pressure so that all chambers are getting worked on sufficiently. If you feel the need, change pressure to work on an area more.

I was always a easy and constant gainer (until now) so I noticed a size difference after a week into my first Pe venture some time ago. But a size difference was sometime this year when I really sat down and looked at my stuff.

You cant stop overtrain for 1. It comes after a long time of overstressing and misuse. Easiest form of overtraining and overstressing is reduced hardness, and size reduction. Check out this article Physiological Indicators (PIs) to help growth!

Hope this helps.

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I have addressed this topic, but not at Thunder’s. Elasticity is caused by a substance called elastin - a very springy molecule, as one would expect. It causes the connective tissue matrix of your skin to recoil after it has stretched. Plasticity is the ability of the connective tissue matrix to undergo a permanent change, and involves changes to collagen, principally.

I floated a hypothesis several years ago: in order for collagen ‘damage’ to occur, one would have to load the elastin network until it had reached maximal extension (hanging is a perfect example of how to achieve this), but I have since backed off from this extreme view. I think that plasticity can occur under lighter loads, and not necessarily from damaging collagen at all.

The matrices of the penile fascia (Buck’s, tunicas, et cetera) are composed of, on average, 5% elastin. This allows the penis to have a passive recoil as the volume (not pressure) of blood in the corpora decreases. Guys with more elastin (like me, unfortunately), will have a more substantial recoil, leading to a smaller flaccid, whereas guys with less elastin have less passive recoil and stay fluffed. The smooth muscle layer under the skin and the smooth muscles within the corpus cavernosa also play a role in penile recoil, the former via temperature and stress cues, while the latter is under control of the erection chemicals (prostaglandins and NO) and other homeostatic cues.

Gee, thanks Mr. Wizard, but WTF does that mean for me?

A couple of things: if you have high elastin, stiff collagen, poor blood flow, and repressive homeostatic cues (as from high blood pressure)… you may be an difficult gainer or never gain at all. Whereas, if you have low elastin, non-oxidized collagen, arteries like garden hoses, and your vascular system is blissful… you are probably one of those smug bastards who can gain multiple inches per year.

Since we all want to be smug bastards, here are some suggestions: 1) if you smoke, eat charred meat or nitrate preserved meat… stop. These are pro-oxidants, and they are ruining your collagen (not to mention your health). 2) consume anti-oxidants (foods or pharmaceuticals), they can reverse some of the damage to your collagen. 3) if you have high blood pressure, get it fixed! 4) if you have small or atrophied penile arteries, work them out by bringing yourself to erection several times a day. Only increased blood flow, volume over time, will cause positive remodelling of arteries. 5) exercise the rest of your body, since your overall health has a huge bearing on your penile health. 6) if you have a higher than average amount of elastin (there is no way to really know, other than how springy your flaccid dick is), you can probably still gain. I have have gained and other ‘growers’ here have reported gains.

Hanging may ultimately prove to be the best method for overcoming elastin, but a dedicated, using his hands and a progressively intense stretching and jelqing routine should be able to beat it into submission. Happy pulling!

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What a great post Priapologist - thanks!


Terrific post!

Originally Posted by otis bruno
1. What is the difference between elasticity and plasticity? I’ve heard both of these terms used.

Elastic is, it’ll stretch and return to the original dimension. Plastic is, it will deform without breaking, but may not return to the original shape.

Both factors have their value in PE.

Originally Posted by otis bruno
2. Is it better to squeeze top and bottom (because of the veins) or side to side (because of the corpora cavernosa) when jelqing?

I’m with SecJay; I do the sides and bottom by how I shape my hand/fingers.
Originally Posted by otis bruno
3. How long did it take for you to notice a real change in your penis?

I subjectively noticed changes within a week or two, as I recall.
Originally Posted by otis bruno
4. How can you tell your over training? I’m afraid of creating scar tissue that with prevent growth!

This is a good concern, and I second AOL on the value of Physiologic Indicators (PIs) to help growth!.

To be really qualitative about things, when my penis is feeling more tough and fibrous than smooth and elastic, I’ve probably been overtraining, and it’s time for me to take some time off. Even with watching your PIs, you may need to take a week or a month or several month break at some point, and taking a break when you need one is a good thing.

It’s important to resist the temptation to overdo. But then again, I’ve said it before: when it comes to growth, I’m in the ‘coax it out’, not the ‘force it out’ school.

Also pay careful attention to what Priapolist went to the trouble of spelling out. If you were training to be in the Olympics, you would not do it just through your exercise program. You would also pay careful attention to your diet, nutrition and general lifestyle.

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