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A bit hairy


Originally Posted by cfobus
I have been considering trying Nair on my shaft and balls, in fact I am going to do it tomorrow, I’ll let you know how it goes.. I hope it doesn’t burn :/

I tried plucking and after like 4 hairs I had to quit like a little baby. Ouch :P


Do a search for “Nair” and read others’ experiences with using it before you try. It can be some nasty shit, you might want to get as much info as you can before you try it.

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After searching for Nair, most of the bad things I read can probably be avoided if you test it on a small area of your body like they recommend. I mean, not that I am making fun of those who had bad experiences, but I would most definitely be a bit careful putting something that is going to “burn off” the hair on my scrotum.

But yeah, I am definitely still going to try it today.. Wish me luck



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