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A bit hairy


A bit hairy

Hey guys

I have a bit of a funny problem. Hair started to grow up the shaft so I shaved it and now it’s growing even faster (it’s about half way up now). The whole thing is not so horrible as it may seem. I was just wondering if this is this normal and what can I do to stop it?

yes same thing happens to me…do a search many people have hair on their shaft, you could always pluck it which is what i do

I pluck once a week.

I shave with a Seiko Cleancut ever day. Probably the standard shaver in the porn business. Search for old discussions on it.

I shave my shaft and balls everyday in the shower with a Mach 3 razor. The rest I trim with hair clippers.

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I trim it down then shave about once a week or so. I use an inexpensive interchanging head shavers.

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Hi folks,

I pull the hairs out ones every two weeks, and it’s getting less hairy (balls and shaft), so, some day, I hope, it will stop growing!
I think shaving is a bit scary!


Same here, try and pluck but always keep a shaver handy in the shower

Wax it.

It’s normal. If hair begins to cover your whole dick then you may have a problem though.

You are weird!!

I don’t have any hair on the shaft,

Just have some on it’s head:)

Seems like I’m the only one that is terrified of shaving my sack. Took me years to get a razor on my shaft, just have bad bad very bad images of something very terribly wrong happening and me just laid out on the floor. Guess I’ll have to man up and do it someday,maybe.


Seiko Cleancut is completely nick and cut safe. The shave I get with it is closer of maybe 12 hours worth of growth than I get with my electrical beard shaver. 15-30 seconds of shaving before going out at night, and I’ll still have silk smooth shaft in the morning.

Originally Posted by J123
Plucking brings the best results in the long run.

I don’t know about everyone else, but I have some hair on the very base of my shaft, and it hurts like a motherfucker to pluck it out. If I can shave it without risk of a nick, I wouldn’t mind giving that a try.

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