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8" BP is average???

Beenthere, thanks for the clarification, I had found your post in the Penis Size: The True Average thread explaining where you got the 1.18” fat pad from - it is the average of the fat pad from the older and the younger guys. However, it still feels like a very ambiguous way of determining a good average for BPEL. But I guess all they were wanting to do was determine the average for NBP which they seem to have done fairly well.

I also like in that thread the mention of the Italian study being more accurate because all were forced to participate. Another factor though may be that those guys weren’t quite average because of their youth. But that depends on the “penis shrinks as you get older” theory which may just be a result of increased fat pad.

In any case, all of these studies show something nowhere near 8” for the average size.

- Chris


Hmmm, I arrived at 6 3/16 in the thread I linked, but in the thread you linked I arrived at 6 1/4”. 1/16 difference.


I have added a study to the Penis Size thread (Penis Size: The True Average).

Incidentally, I was looking back at the full text of the study with the 104 British men, and their flaccid stretched lengths (averaging 5.12”) ranged from a low of 2.4” to a high of 7.1”. Food for thought for those who are concerned that the typical dick length (using ordinary, non-PEers’ measurement methods!) is anywhere near 8”.

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IMO, I don’t know that the PE measuring method is flawed. Actually, would think it would be more valuable for the same reasons that PE’ers think it is valuable - meaning, it isn’t subject to fluctuation.

On usability, most guys do pelvic-to-pelvic grinding so, again, BP would be closer to what would be used than NBP, I would think.

If a guy was 75 or 100lb overweight, I might agree that his NBP would be closer to what would be used during sex. But for a guy with bodyfat in a normal range, I would think the ability to do pubic bone-to-pubic bone grinding would mean that a BP measurement would be closer to what would be used in sex.

On fluctuation, a normal body fat male who has 3-5lb, maybe even 10lb, or more, weight gain would still be able to use the same amount of his penis, I would think. If a guy gained 50-100lb (and even then it might depend on how he carried the weight, as in where he put the weight on), then I would agree that his NBP would probably be closer to what would be used in sex.

This is just something I thought of while skipping through some of the thread. I really don’t have any independent reference points to point to, again, just a deduction while reading some of the thread.


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