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6x6 by next Christmas?

Wow, after reading stoner’s post, I was speechless, but he’s right, I do whine a lot, and I want everything (like the guys that work in porn lol). I guess, putting in the time and hours, and hoping for the best is all you can do. Oh yea, the better mindset would definitely help out to;) .

Dry jelqing I have recently found to be much more effective than wet jelqing IMO.

In search of a perfect body, penis, and girl.

The search NO longer continues. :)

Stoner dropped some serious knowledge on you bro. I’d take it to heart.

I think 6x5.5 might be a more reasonable goal. If you just focus on length by doing the newbie routine and then moving into more intense stretching and maybe hanging and ADS you could very well reach 6” by this time next year. You’ll probably pick up a little girth on the way as well.

But you should really work on loving yourself as you are while continuing to improve yourself. No one is “perfect,” and that’s OK. You have a lot of natural gifts that many others would die for. You have good genetics, be thankful for that.

Anyway, good luck, and just about all the knowledge you need to grow your dick to its fullest potential is right here on this sight, so dig in man!

Its natural for us guys to feel unsatisfied with what we have. Take a look at the progress reports section. We have guys here with starting starts of 7.5” NBP

It’s just human nature to want more. It probably has something to do with being a man. We always want the best of everything, its why technology advances so quickly.

Even though there are people out there driving Ferrari’s which do 0-60mph in a touch over 3 seconds there is always some monkey out there saying “i want more!”.

You will probably never be satisfied with what you have. You need to learn to accept this aspect of human nature. Don’t let it depress you because this feeling of being incomplete will probably never leave you.

If you suddenly woke up tomorow morning with a 10” x 6” love boat you would probably just find something else to feel that you need improvement on. Muscles arnt big enough, car isnt fast enough, voice isnt deep enough, personality isn’t strong enough, don’t have enough money. whatever the list goes on and on, you cant escape from insecurities, everybody has them. Accept them and don’t let them bother you. Being imperfect is what being human is all about.

Thanks everyone for your input, definitely lifted my spirits!

Couldn’t agree with Status more - when this endeavor is over (hopefully successfully), I am going to move to some other area of my life to obsess over… in a lot of ways, this has become a habit and I’ve already found some other obsessions.

As to your goals? I agree with Cheeva and say 6X5.5 is a much more realistic goal; some people are fast gainers, but I’d say an inch in length and half an inch in girth in a year is about par for the course.

My advice : Don’t get caught up on long term goals - set a goal of say, 5.25 for length, and keep working towards that. When you set your goal a shorter distance away, the little gains will inspire you; if you set your goal too far away, little gains will mean nothing, and you’ll likely become disheartened and give up/go extreme with your PE.

Good luck with it, any way you go.

Going for 6 inches of girth, wish me luck.

Thanks kazoo for the advice.

Originally Posted by UpnComingStud
Thanks kazoo for the advice.

I’m here to help ;) .

Going for 6 inches of girth, wish me luck.

Stud, I understand why you feel that way, but there are a couple of reasons why you shouldn’t be down.

1) You can totally satisfy a woman without having a mammoth cock.
2) Your goals are realistic - all you need is dedication.
3) You need to have a positive attitude towards yourself and your dick if you want PE to work. If you think ” dammit why doesn’t it grow?” it never will.
Instead be patient, persistent and positive. Wow, that’s 3 P’s.:)

I can back up what Stoner said with my own story.

My stats are similar to yours.
Had a gf once (20 years ago) who was sex mad, who told a bunch of girls I was the best lover she ever had. Her previous guy before me was HUNG like the proverbial, and they had been together for a few years. I know this because I saw a picture of him naked.

Now the truth is we got up to a good mixture of oral and fingers as well as shagging. But I think it was my attitude that got her hot. I was an arrogant cocky fellow, and she seemed to like that. The other guy was a very nice man but way to eager to please. When I was away for a few weeks she shagged him again - but it didn’t split us up - and I got that recommendation after she had the chance to compare me to him.

After she told her friends about me, I got looked at in a whole new way by the local “sisterhood” :)

I have gotten very good comments on my oral and fingering skills from the women I have had sex with (all swingers), even the one that was my age, but the older women’s comments are more believable as they have had many partners. I’ve never had a gf, mostly because of my fears of what they will think of me being uncircumcised, and now that I found that I’m below average, this is another thing that is stopping me from trying at all to get a woman of my own, and not someone else’s wife or gf. It’s kinda of weird that I swing considering I’m not hung and I intentionally set myself up to make myself feel bad.

It is very possible to gain an inch, and maybe 2 or more in length over the next 13 months, but an inch in girth would be huge. I would think that very few ever gain an inch in girth over the life of PEing. But it sure don’t hurt to set goals.

My ultimate goal for girth is 1 1/2” and I hope to get there someday, but it will be a long hard road.

2007-01-27 5.3" BPEL 4.8" EG, Less than 3" Flaccid, and sometimes less than 2"

As of 12-07-2008 7.75" BPEL 7.1" NBPEL 5.7"MSEG 6"+ BSEG. Ultimate goal 8+ inches NBPEL, 8.5" BPEL 6.3" EG (2" diameter just sounds so cool!)

Flaccid 5+ inches on a good day. 4 1/2+ pretty much anytime. My gains have slowed to a snails pace, but I will not quit!!!!!!!

Yea, girth seem so much hard to gain, from what I have read, but 5.5 would not be bad, and seems reasonable. Heck, even 5.75 looks pretty damn thick.

Originally Posted by UpnComingStud
I’ve never had a gf, mostly because of my fears of what they will think of me being uncircumcised, and now that I found that I’m below average, this is another thing that is stopping me from trying at all to get a woman of my own

I cant think of any possible nice way of saying this.

That is absolutely pathetic…
Your problems aren’t with your body. You have some major mental problems with all of your insecurities. You care too much about what others think. Stop being afraid of other people’s opinions. Because you (not ->u) know what: opionions are just that. They are only opinions and you cannot control them.
A girl walking down the street may be seen by 5 different people. Each of these people will form a different opinion of her. One will think she is gorgeous, another will think she looks trashy, another will think she looks stupid. There is nothing you can do to control people’s thoughts about you.

The only opinion in the world that matters is your own.
In your world you are the most precious person so start respecting yourself more.
Build your inner self. Build some confidence, it will turn on girls a lot more than a 6”x6” cock hidden behind your jeans.

I am uncircumcised and I have never had a single bad comment about it. I have actually had many good comments. I have had girls tell me that it’s more fun to play with. I have had girls tell me that they like us uncut guys because we have to work harder to go.
Before PE i measured at 5.75” nbp x 4.5”. I had never had a bad comment about my penis size. I had never had problems with maintaining relationships. All of my gf’s prior to PE loved the sex and it came often. I cant be bothered doing the mathematics but I think that your 5” x 5” has more volume than I did before i began PE.
So get your damn head out of this hole and grow up.

Like a lost of guys, I am circumcised, but from what I read, opinion is swinging the other way (as it were). Keanu Reeves is uncut, according to an article I read in (do a search on that site with his name and the word uncut ).

But like Status135 says: who cares about opinions?


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