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6x6 by next Christmas?


Yeah Marky, like Keanu is the ideal type we should all strive to be.:)

I don’t know what all the fuss is about, I am uncircumcised, as are most people here in Europe. Although I must say that I find a circumcised man’s penis more pretty.

Originally Posted by Chicken
Yeah Marky, like Keanu is the ideal type we should all strive to be.:)

Well, I never wanted to be like anyone, but I do admire some actors, or at least their roles when in character anyhow. I’m a big fan of Arnie, I especially liked him in Terminator 2. That android reminded me of the father figure I had never had. Lets just say my dads were “intermittent”. I had to be my own g’damn farther figure, (and mother at one point). Put the violins away, I’m happy now - it just took some time, plus a few good people helped me along the way.

Glad to hear you’re on the right track, friend. That’s the spirit!

Originally Posted by status135
I have had girls tell me that they like us uncut guys because we have to work harder to go.

What do you mean? Why is it that we have to work harder? And can someone explain to me what the whole deal with circumcision is? Is it considered uncool or something in the states to be uncut? I thought that’s just a Jewish thing, no?

Yea, I do have problems status, your right, and I do need to get over them, hopefully over time I will, or just stay sexless (it’s not that bad lol.) What do you mean by harder to go? I find that I am more sensitive and unload faster.

Enough talking, more PEing! ;)

Originally Posted by Para-Goomba
Enough talking, more PEing! ;)


Look, while we all agree that the secret to happiness is inner peace, we’re not here to guide our consciousness, we’re here to make our dick’s bigger. Upncoming, your desires and insecurities are perfectly valid, even if you go about it in an odd way; just keep plugging away, and eventually that inner peace will be a lot easier to work on.

There’s nothing wrong with wanting a bigger dick - as my ex said, “everyone loves a big dick!”

Going for 6 inches of girth, wish me luck.

Yeah, I just mean mainly that if you want to find out what results you can get from PE, UpnComingStud, the only way to do so is to stick to a PE program for a while. You may reach 6x6, you may not — and there’s nothing wrong with wanting a bigger dick. In the meantime, don’t let your current size hold you back from enjoying a healthy sex life! As others have said, 90+% of women would be thrilled to hook up with a guy with your looks and your size.


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