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200 Jelqs for length gains

200 Jelqs for length gains

Is it just me or does it seem like most people making progress from jelqing do between 150-200 per day ? I have been here for a couple of months and it’s starting to seem that way. Plus I’ve found hanging isn’t really doing much for me. I hang with 3 big black rings/weights from

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My Progress and Routine

150 to 200 ? That might be a warm up ! Personally ,the only time I use a count , rather than a time , is when I am in a hurry , and then I do 500 .

Usually , I do twenty minutes manual , and twenty minutes with the Power Jelq .

I wear thee of Montys PE weights , like you , as well , today for seven hours .

I would say I average about six hours with the rings , five days a week , unless I over do it with pumping or clamping , and cannot fit them on my cock .

I wouldn’t call PE weights “hanging”. They are more intended for an all day stretch effect. Hanging is done with more weight, like a couple of pounds to start, 7-15 lbs is probably is where a lot of people end up, and I have read about guys using 35 pounds or more. More is not necessarily better, however, so I think the best philosophy is to use the lightest weight that gives you gains, and increase sets or time rather than weight, once you get around the 10 pound range.

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Well said mravg.

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