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Thats a lot of posts!!! But Im not surprised.
Thunders Place is the Best Forum out there.


Oh you mean 20,000 posts…I thought you were gonna tell us about your new jelqing record in a single day :)

I am building a weapon of ass destruction!

Congratulations to everyone, and thanks to thunderSS, i´m so glad to be here.

Didn’t you mention in another thread that this site gets like one million hits per month or something. Damn, there must be a ton of lurkers compared to posters.

Hey guys, don’t be shy! :)

Congrats, Thunder…..job well done!!!!!!


We couldn’t of done it without

User Name —————- Join Date —- Posts

ThunderSS ————- 8-21-2001 —- 3161
DiamondWinds ——- 12-06-2001 —- 1054
Sizemeister ————- 9-24-2001 —— 851
lil12big1 —————- 11-14-2001 —— 772
Bib ————————- 9-30-2001 —— 618

Who in total comprise of 1/3rd of the posts on this board

Special thanks to Busterhymes who has posted almost 500 times in less than 2 months. 3 more months and you’ll be in contention with DiamondWinds!


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You being a smart ass again and inferring that some of us are rather “chatty”?

The Penguin,

Actually those numbers are not right, we get about 2 million hits per month now ( a lot by the people that are listed above) and every time someone loads a page, it counts for a little over 20 hits. Hits are not a reliable way to measure traffic. Page views are the best way.


Thanks, and keep posting after all this is a forum (I think).

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This is a great forum. Those 20,000 posts just go to show how worthwhile a place this really is.

That is how people interact on a forum is to post.

If nobody posted then there woulnt be all the knowlege here for everyone to benifit from.

I dont know what Loki is trying to say but Thunders Kicks Ass!


eh nothing wrong with being chatty, I just think its wild that 5 people comprise of a hefty portion of this site. Nothing wrong with it, I just find it funny.

and yes, Loki is a little bastard!!

Hey Loki,

We are here for your amusement.

In your meanderings to different small forums, if you pay attention, you will notice there is usually a small group of people that do a large amount of posting. I mean if there is nothing new (amusing) to read, people don’t bother coming back, do they?

Penis Enlargement Forum -- How To Jelq -- Free Penis Enlargement Videos

Make a Donation This place runs on donations, help out if you can. Thanks.

There are a number of different reasons why people don’t come back to forums. One reason why people don’t come back is because they ask a question that has been asked before, and then get flamed by the ones who have been here a while.

As a member of this board its discouraging to see Moderators flame new people or other members. I am not saying anyone in particular as I don’t remember the specific case, but I do remember asking myself why someone would do anything to discourage another’s intelligence.

I would think that being a moderator comes the responsibility of not taking anything personally, and always trying to be fair and sound.

I enjoy being on this board because of the cornucopia of information, and to play devil’s advocate to make people think in a different point of view.

Anyway I gotta run, will continue this one later



This forum is a cornucopia of information. Unlike most other sites of its kind that info is given out freely.

The information that one has access to here is also very accurate & given by experienced people who are willing to share their knowledge with beginners as well.

I don’t know of any new members who are ever flamed or who go ignored in any way when they ask questions.

Unless you have a specific incident to bring up in all fairness you really have no right to accuse anyone of doing that.

People come here because they know that Thunders is sound solid advice & it works & it doesn’t cost anything.

I think that right there says a lot about this forum & why its a very popular.

Instead of spending so much time getting people to look at things in a different view maybe try giving them the quality info that they come here for.

Theres lots of BS out there already. The guys come here for results & they get them. Thats what really counts right!!

Food Fight

I never accused anyone of anything, I was just stating how I felt, but if you need a particular incident you can go to the following link:


I think people should look at life in all different aspects and points of view, and I try to give quality info and answers to questions people ask me. If you feel I have not tried to do so on this site, please let me know. I won’t take it personally. I don’t think anyone should.

I don’t know as to all of the information here being accurate, but I do feel most of the information on this board is beneficial to PE.

As I have never moderated a forum for a year, I was an administrator of a BBS for 4 years in the early 90’s, and they both have their similarities.


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