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beginner wanna hang


beginner wanna hang

guys i am bit sceptical about hanging. it has been 4 months i have been peing. my routine consists of 15 mins stretching and 15 mins jelqing. guys i am planning to start hanging with afb. guys in the beginning i should hang for how much mins and how much weight should i hang?please guys help me out guys. is any warm up necessary? what are the necessary precautions?


Since you mentioned the AFB, you might start by reading the suggestions on the “Using your AFB penis weight hanger” page…?

You will find this link helpful for information on, oh, everything you’ve posted about up to this point.


moderator sir can u provide me with how much weights should i start my routine for how much time?should i include warmups? please reply

Hey coolandy,
Read and you will find answers to these questions. Guys get tired of answering the same questions over and over, especially simple ones that have been answered many times before. See the search button in the top right hand corner? Play around with the search function for awhile, become familiar with how it works, and then use it to find answers to your questions.

If you can not make the effort to gather the information yourself (which at the same time actually helps you to understand the ideas behind PE) do you think that you will be able to put the effort into PE that is required to see any gains?

Do some studying on your own and if you do come across a question that you can not find the answer for, then post it and someone will help you out.

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Make a Donation This place runs on donations, help out if you can. Thanks.

thats really rude of you moderator sir


Thunder wasn’t being rude, he was stating fact. Every question you have asked has already been covered multiple times on these boards. If you can’t take the time to search for them, then it’s going to make people less willing to help you out. I assure you the answer to your questions are in the hanging forum and probably the newbie forum as well.

We can provide how-to information, but we can’t be your personal trainers. If you’re looking for something like that, then you need to purchase a program from a pay site. Check out the review forum.


well i have realised my mistake. i am sorry . but moderator sir please answer my simple question in terms of yes or no. is hanging safe? pleaseeeeeeeeee



You can kill yourself. Wait a moment, YOU ARE OBVIOUSLY SHIT FOR BRAIN and thinking things over this is the best option for you. Do the troll world a favour. You are an embarrassment to them.




I have to agree with Guiri on this. In the hands of someone who can’t be bothered to read or use the search button, hanging is definitely NOT safe! Come back in 10 years……….. or when you’ve worked out how to use the shift key on your keyboard……….. And you thought Thunder was rude :chuckle:

lil1 :flame:

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"Pertinaciously pursuing a penis of preposterously prodigious proportions." What a mouthful!

Lets take a step back and reflect

Wow, I cannot believe how insensitive you guys are.
Tis better to hold your tongue, than to say something negative.
I have learned this the hard way, but believe me its the best thing in the end.

Is it safe to hang or not?
Is it safe to drive or not?
Is it safe to smoke or not?
Is it safe to drink or not?

To be honest it depends on you, and you alone.

If you want to think of it from a realistic point of view, nothing is safe. You could be reading this right now and lightning could strike you, or you could be sleeping and a theif slit your throat in the middle of the night.

I do know this though, anything is usually safer in moderation.

If hanging is something you are thinking about trying, then yes I think its very important to researh as much as you can on this board about hanging do’s and don’ts, and to start off slow and light.

If you are not willing to comb through the forums or start off light and slow, then I would say hanging is probably not safe for you.

Just remember that the penis will bring you lots of enjoyment and pleasure, so don’t take it for granted. Be careful and be smart and enjoy yourself.

Please everyone remember to be nice to eachother, and realize that everyone will have a different point of view when they read your posts. Please be sure not to react negatively or defensively if you get any type of criticism or opinion or reply.

Also remember, we’re all extremely lucky to have this board, so please respect the moderators who work hard and diligently to provide you this wonderful masterpiece.

and don’t forget, we all make mistakes ;o) I know I have quite a few times

i am really very sorry if i really hurt the moderator. like to thank kamel

I think we can all agree its just water under the bridge, we are all here to have fun, and to give insight to eachother on the benefits of not only penis enlargement, but personal growth, and theraputic romantic philosophy

It’s alright, coolandy123. Sounds like you’re young, and if that’s the case you might have a difficult time deciding about the risk of hanging. That’s understandable.

Just listen to the aforementioned counsel of doing research through the forum posts. It *is* a personal responsibility. Also understand that once you are here for some time (and hopefully you will be, too), you will see new ones come in and ask tons of repetitive questions. It starts to eat away at you after a time. Plus, when someone initially resists counsel from the board members… well, that ain’t good.

These guys have come down a bit harsh on you towards the end of the post, but don’t worry - we all freak from time to time. Believe me, your apologetic and somewhat respectful tone is a nice break here on these boards. Look around at some other boards and you will see some really prideful attitudes.

But, the bottom line is this, coolandy123 - you gotta dig for what you want the same as we all have. It’s all here and you’ve come to the right place.

Just make sure you don’t buck counsel from the vets in the future! :)

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