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1/4 inch gain in six week.Hope to go on like this/

1/4 inch gain in six week.Hope to go on like this/

Hi Guys
I glad to say I have gained 1/4 inch
in the last 6 week.
I post my routine if it can interest.

warm: 5/10 minutes. I stretch also during that
After reading a post about that I find it a good idea
to stretch under the hot water.


1/ I start, pulling down. I use both hands.
I take a grip, one hand near the base and
the other more in the middle
(I use like 3 fingers each hand)
20 sec./ Some repetitions

I have found for me, these works like a dream.
I take a grip under the glans (with the skin, too)
with one hand; the other hand, helps a little to hold the grip
near the base.
I stretch while sitting; left and right;
20 sec./some repetitions
same direction of the legs.
I get a good pain (supportable but intense)
at the laterals attachments of the penis
Is like I work the skin, and the ligs too.
I fell like I can gain a lot, doing this.
I have never focus on this, before.
Now I have discovered is a part which I can
work with a great facility, and it gives results to me.

3/ After, I do some V-stretches normal
Some repetition.

4/ With the same hands position of part2/
I stretch also for some time in the normal position
(image a clock: 12h, 3h, 6h, 9h:
and also in the middle position of this/
Only some short repetitions

5/ Circular motion stretches in one sense, and
the other; grip at the base, without foreskin
(the classical grip of “starting pe”)
At this time, if I have work well, I feel most of the time
one good “pops” in the ligs.
When I feel that…I know I have gained a little
in the session!

I can repeat all another time.

I don’t put soooo much force in doing that.

One day each two, I do also the jeql/squeeze normal routine.

If can interest…is all.
I hope to gain an other 1/4 inch this month.
I will tell you, if so.



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