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1 inch gain club-didn't even realize it

1 inch gain club-didn't even realize it

Through my trials of PE, I have measured so many different ways, and with the ever changing appearance of my unit I have altered my measuring dramatically—without even taking much note to it.

I no longer measure BPEL. Haven’t for awhile now.

But, I was looking through some old information, PE information that is, from years ago that I had written done in some old books and realized I am a 1 inch gainer. BPEL that is.

I, after 10.5 measure again for length gains for my extender usage, and again ZERO gains. I believe that may be it for the extender. Zero gains again, after 10.5 weeks, hours daily? Yeah, it might be time, to stop wasting time.

But nonetheless, all I ever do is measure NBPEL. I haven’t measure BPEL, in years. So, just to measure, after I measured NO gain again for my NBPEL, I measured BPEL for the hell of it. 7.75 BPEL!

I originally started PE at 6.75 BPEL. And I had originally measured only BPEL. But after 2 years? Or so of PE I started measuring NBPEL only, due to the lowering of my LOT/ or exit point, and increase in fatpad and excess skin from PE, I felt BPEL measurements were just so inconsistent.
To me, it was like, ok great, my fatpad is increasing and my skin is excessive, but when I look down at my dick, or if a girl looks at it, it doesn’t look any bigger that it did in the 1st place. So, like I said, I just started doing NBP measurements only.

Well, I haven’t had a NBP gain, since that time. Must have been 2006 I stopped doing BPEL measuring.

But nonetheless, my BPEL is now 7.75.

So is gaining 1 inch BPEL, still gaining an inch? If so, I have gained:

BPEL- 1 inch
Girth- .5

Started: June 2004

6.75 bpel
6.25 NBP
4.75 girth

Now: January 2011
7.75 bpel
6.75 nbpel
5.25 girth

The only problem is, I have really only gained ( this is through looking back at all my notes and information, and changing how I measured, and from what angle -top or from the side), .5 in NBPEL since I started PE. So my dick doesn’t look, from appearance, to be 1 inch bigger.

Which will lead me to my next thread.

Nice girth gains there buddy!


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